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5 Killer Ways to Find Your Inner Voice


5 Killer Ways to Find Your Inner Voice

Writing is a beautiful melody. Words flow from your mind unto the page like silk flowing through the palms of your hands. Giving them the right tempo, the right beat, helps you build a community of followers who want to hear want you have to say.  Content marketers love expressing these melodies. However, there are times when our inner voice is barely audible and we struggle to put the words together. Don't despair. All hope isn't lost because with these 5 tips you can make a quick comeback and start providing your audience with the content they've grown to love. 

Close You Eyes and Listen

Sometimes we allow life to entangle us. The worries, the stress, the demands...everything just becomes too much. Thinking about it all will dampen your spirit, drain your energy, and quieten that melodious voice. The moment you realize that your thoughts are consuming you, take a minute to just close your eyes and listen. Listen to the birds chirping, the wind gently wafting through the leaves, the dogs barking, and the stillness of the space your in. Listen to the beauty of life in the midst of the chaos. The more you choose to listen and just choose to tune everything out, the more inspired you'll feel.

Just Write

Fear is our greatest weakness. Sometimes we hold back and tone down what we really want to say. We're more concerned with what the critics will say than truly letting our voices be heard. Don't hold back. Express your genuine ideas and perspectives. Let no one and nothing hold you back. Audiences appreciate authenticity and can smell a fake from a mile away. Be true to who you are.

Think About What You Love

There is always that one thing that we truly enjoy doing. We enjoy doing it so much that we don't even realize the passage of time. It's like we're trapped in our own comforting bubbles. Picture that activity you enjoy. Allow yourself to embrace the peaceful feeling it brings. Write about it. When you write about what you truly love, the words will automatically flow.  

Experts Speak the Loudest

Immersing yourself in what you love can be an exhilarating experience. Part of the immersion process, however, requires continuous learning, growth and improvement.  Develop a genuine thirst for knowledge and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Your experiences and knowledge will provide you with more than enough content for expressing your insights. 

Think Like an Artist

I have profound respect for people in the creative space. They are able to produce works of art, songs, and music that the rest of the world is able to enjoy. Tapping into that creative energy is their talent. Think about all of the possible ways that you can tap into your creative energy. Where or from whom do you get your inspiration? What environment do you need to create in order to produce your best work? Think about it and make it happen.


Don't silence your inner voice. Let it shine through by closing your mind to the noise of life, freely expressing your thoughts, writing about what you love, becoming an expert in your niche, and thinking like an artist. The number of doors of opportunity that will open as a result will surprise you. 


5 Types of Content Your Articles Must-Have in 2017


5 Types of Content Your Articles Must-Have in 2017

Content marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. As social media evolves, the desire to engage with truly meaningful content increases. Consumers are no longer accepting articles solely consisting of blocks of text. A strong content marketer identifies this fact and includes the following forms of media to give their content new life.


Infographics are the perfect compromise for the visual and reading/writing learners. They organize content into easily digestible segments. Consider the infographic below that highlights the benefits of content marketing.   

Why Content Marketing Infographic.png

The images add new life to the content. They also help arrange the content into smaller segments. It, therefore, doesn't require a lot of reading. Research also shows that infographics are "liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any type of content." If you want to create a truly great infographic for your content, hire this freelancer

Custom Photography

The value of images in content is greatly apparent. More websites are offering stock photography that is highly accessible. These generic images are becoming commonplace. Readers appreciate images that are original and relate directly to the content. In fact, 41.5% of digital marketers identify original graphics and infographics as the most engaging forms of visual content.


Infographics and custom photography are stunning, but nothing beats a relevant and well-developed video. Researchers state that "4 times as many customers prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it." People don't want to sift through large blocks of text. Give them something to click and watch and they'll be more willing to engage.

Interactive Content

 Polls, surveys, tests and quizzes are examples of interactive content. Apester,  Zaption, Webyclip, and Mapline all provide creative ways to include interaction in your content. 

Meaningful Content

The tricks and features you include in your articles are no excuse for poor content. People still look at the words you write. They want to know that the content captioned in the article's title meets expectations. Don't disappoint.

Readers require much more from content marketers than ever before. All the content you write should contain one or more of the features mentioned in this article if you want to stay ahead of the game. 


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