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Get a Clue: 4 Ways to Know that You're Flirting

gdgdf You whisper sweet compliments in her ears, make her feel like she's the one for you, and glance at her with admiring eyes. She think you're into her and she's even beginning to wonder if she could be into you too. Surprisingly, a few weeks later she find out that you have a girlfriend and you had no idea that you was flirting with her. Some men really need to get a clue because flirting with the wrong woman can lead to the end of their relationships if they're not careful. So, how do you know that you're flirting?

#1: You Have Wandering Eyes

Every time she passes by, you find yourself looking at her from head to toe. She captures your attention with her beauty and, to you, you may just be casually admiring. To her, however, you want her...every inch of her. There's nothing wrong with admiring a beautiful woman, but don't make it more than just a slight glance especially if you know that you already have a woman of your own.

#2: Your Words

Words evoke emotions. Shower a woman with compliments and she is going to feel good about herself. At least that's what you think.  Your innocent intentions may just be to help a woman feel good, but she may interpret your words to mean far more than that. Nothing is wrong with saying "You look nice today." However, when you say things like "You are so beautiful to me, I would want you to be my girl," that's taking it a bit too far.  Phrase what you want to say carefully and simply.

#3: Your Touches

Some men are the touchy type. Whenever they are talking to a woman they have to touch her shoulder or her hair or her hand. These touches can often be misinterpreted and can lead you into serious problems. The best thing to do is keep your hands away. Keep them for your woman.

#4: Your Attention

When you begin to be overly attentive to a woman, she may think you are interested. Probably you just like her company and stimulating conversations. However, if you are always around her and always texting and calling her that is sending mixed signals. Make sure that you express to her clearly what your intentions are and tone it down a bit.


Sometimes, men genuinely do not know that they are flirting with a woman. You may just find her interesting , but have no intention of pursuing a relationship with her. So, be very careful about what you do and say. Don't play with her emotions.

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10 Things Women Want Men to Understand


Women are the most complex creatures to ever roam the earth. We know that. Men know that and it makes it even more difficult for them to try to understand us. However, there are 10 key thoughts that I believe every woman wants men to understand. These thoughts are pretty straightforward and can be grasped by a man's rational mind. They can also strengthen a man's relationship with the woman he calls his own.

Thought #1: She wants to know where she stands

It is one of the worst experiences to love someone who seems to have no desire to make a commitment to you. Instead of playing with her emotions and beating around the bush, let her know where she stands. If you see no future with her, let her go. Don't encourage her to stay and continue to encourage increasing intimacy. If she's the one, then take her out of the "friend zone". More than likely, you will know before she does where the relationship is going. So, tell her very clearly where she stands.

Thought #2: If she's not interested she's simply not interested

I am very polite and sweet. So, I will never tell a man explicitly that I am not interested, but I will clearly hint at it. If a woman tells you "I don't think I am the one for you" then she really does not see a future with you. Stop pressuring her. Take the hint and move on.

Thought #3: She wants to be seen as your partner, not your convenience item

In a relationship, you and your woman are equals. She is not some doll that you can tell to get dressed up so that you can look good at the office party. She is a human being with her own thoughts, dreams, and emotions. Treat her as such and support her in the same way she supports you.

Thought #4: She wants you to call her beautiful

Whether she's wearing nice makeup and her sexiest dress or she's in her pajamas with her hair all over the place, your woman wants to know that you think she's beautiful. Some of you may be saying "She's supposed to know that". You may tell her occasionally, but she needs to hear it every day.

Thought #5: A time will come when she stops accepting crap

When a woman loves, she loves deeply. This love often results in her turning a blind eye to some things that her man will do. However, there will come a time when her love isn't enough. Don’t let her get to this point. If you truly love her, don't make her jealous and don't abuse her. Instead, treat her like a queen. Love her, care for her, appreciate her. She will return your love tenfold.

Thought #6: She is not your maid

Yes, it is expected that a woman should be able to wash, cook and clean. However, in our present society, a woman's role extends further since she has to help her spouse provide an income for the family. I believe that a man and woman should share household responsibilities. Help her with the washing, cooking and cleaning instead of expecting her to be a superwoman.

Thought #7: She wants you to only have eyes for her

Women are beautiful and your woman knows that your eye will always wander. However, this doesn't mean that she still doesn't expect you to have eyes only for her. It may seem impractical, but it hurts her emotionally when you gush over other women. Let her know that she is the most beautiful woman you know.

Thought #8: She wants to know how you feel.

Women are emotional. Men are rational. She knows this. However, she still wants to know what bothers you. She still wants you to express your thoughts to her. She wants to be a part of your world. Open the doors and let her in.

Thought #9: She wants to have intelligent conversations.

Modern women are highly educated and focused. They don't have the time for men with no ambition who don't have the ability to hold intelligent conversations. Stimulate a woman's mind and you're close to winning her heart.

Thought #10: Don't take her love for granted.

Show that you love your woman just as much as she loves you. Don't wait until she makes a kind gesture to reciprocate it. Don't wait on her to express her love before you do. Show her that you love her.