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To live a truly fulfilling life, I believe that there are certain attributes we should all aspire to attain. I believe that we should be.... Bold


Fear can be our worst enemy and hold us back from some amazing opportunities.  Being bold doesn't mean that fear is absent. Instead, it means that you look fear in the eyes and say "I'm stronger than you". Be bold enough to not succuum to peer pressure and to stand up for what you believe in. Be bold enough to explore new frontiers and go outside of your comfort zone. When you do something that you truly thought you could never do is when you begin to realise your true potential.



Each of us has a unique personality and unique interests that help to make us the people we are. However, some of us succumb to peer pressure and allow those around us to change who we truly are. Always remember to be true to yourself and appreciate who you are. When you truly love yourself and your individuality is when you can truly begin to make a meaningful impact in other people's lives.



Never settle for mediocrity. In everything that you do, be the best that you can be.  Even if you hate your job, give it 110% of your never know who is watching you and could provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime. Be the best that you can be in all that you do.



The Bible speaks many times about humility. For example, in Romans 12:3 it speaks about us not thinking that we are better than we are but to instead think of ourselves in "sober judgement". Also, in Proverbs 16:8 it says that "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall". Live a life of humility and people will respect you for it. No one is better than anyone else and we are each blessed with our own gifts and abilities.



In our society, we tend to view love as a feeling of intimacy between two people. However, love is far more than that and extends to everyone we interact with. Love means being helpful and understanding other people's circumstances. It means not being disrespectful to those around us and offering a smile to those who pass our way. If there were more of this type of love in the world, violence and crime would be virtually non-existent.