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Following Your Dreams

Last week Sunday I had an interesting conversation with my dad. For a little over a year I have been battling depression and I have developed a tendency to retreat into a very dark place when my depression is at its peak. Life had begun to be meaningless to me. Every day I woke up wondering what I was living for...why I had to be alive. However, there is one thing that my dad said that has stuck in my head, "When you give up on your dreams your life becomes pointless. Never give up on your dreams." Dad has no clue what I battle daily. In fact, no one does. But that statement made me feel as though he was seeing my thoughts and putting them on the right trajectory. Life is pointless when you lack vision and hope. Life is meaningless when you refuse to dream. I prefer using the phrase "follow your dreams" instead of "chasing your dreams" because the word chasing implies that your dreams are running away from you. That's not the case. Regardless of who you are, your dreams should be a constant vision in your mind. They are there to encourage you when all hope seems lost. They are the guide that takes you on a path of great success, even if they seem elusive. 

There are three key principles that I believe can help all of us to hold steadfast to our dreams.

Be Optimistic

Pessimism and negativity serve one purpose- draining my energy. I am sure that both of these characteristics drain your energy as much as they drain mine. If you view yourself and your life negatively then it stands to reason that you will view life as pointless. Make a conscious decision to view the positive in every situation, regardless of how bleak that situation may seem. Positive thoughts attract positive experiences. 

There is ALWAYS a Lesson to be Learnt

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt over the past year is how to interact with people. I have made many mistakes in this regard, especially with some newfound friends. However, I am slowly learning from my experiences. Don't allow your experiences to weigh you down. Instead, find the lesson that you need to learn from them. When you learn the lesson, you won't make the same mistake. 

Understand Who You Are

One of the prevailing thoughts in my mind is that I don't fit in with any group of people because of my personality. I accept people fairly easily, but people find it hard to accept me. I am slowly beginning to realise, however, that the main person who needs to accept me is me. When I am able to accept myself then those in my personal circle will be able to accept me.  Having the right circle is important to realising my dreams because I need that support system. 

Understanding who I am also encompasses identifying my passion. Passion is what makes us get up each morning feeling happy to face the day. Passion is what drives us. I am slowly piecing my passion together, but I know that when I get there something magical is going to happen. I felt compelled to express my random thoughts today. Dreams are important. They drive our passion and our passion empowers us to face each day. Don't give up on your dreams. Live, breathe, and see them everyday. 



The Cross Roads

Image Have you ever stood at an intersection and been confused by the choices you have? If you have no idea where you're going you're bound to get lost or go down the wrong path. On the journey of life we encounter many intersections that compel us to make difficult choices. Some of those choices take us on the right path while others lead us onto roads we would rather not have traversed.  So how can we make the right choices that lead us along the right paths?

Understand What You Want to Accomplish With Your Life

When you know where you want to be in life, your life begins to have direction. You will ensure that your journey takes you on paths that will help you to realise your dreams. If you have no idea what you want to accomplish with your life then now is the time to sit and think about it. We were created to do more than exist and we should therefore think about how we can live impactful lives.

Have a Connection With Your Creator

We all have different beliefs and serve different gods but I fervently believe that we all were created by a Supreme Being regardless of what we call Him. If this being took the time to create us, He must have a special purpose for us. Think of a craftsman who labours for hours to create an exquisite dining table. His aim is to create something that can serve a purpose in someone's home and he ensures that he takes the time and effort to make it perfect. Our Creator took similar time and effort to create us and He therefore wants us to have a relationship with Him so that we can understand what He created us to do. Life is meaningless without this connection to our Creator.

Be Able to Identify Detractors

Sometimes, something along a particular path attracts us and like a horse being led by a carrot, we follow blindly so focused on getting what we see along that path. Little do we realise that this path is not the one created for us and what we were drawn to was only a distraction from what is meant for us. Oftentimes, we know deep down that something isn't right with what we're doing or allowing to control us. If you have this feeling, then you are on the wrong path and you need to find your way back to where you should be.

Be Patient

Some journeys are longer than others. You may be at a point in your life where you're frustrated with your current situation. However, don't let that frustration cause you to make rash decisions. Patience yields good results. Think about Bill Gates and Microsoft. His success did not happen overnight. It took many years of hard work and dedication and patience. Good things will happen for you in the right time.

Life is all about learning and growing and we have to make bad choices as a part of the growing process. However, if you follow the tips I've outlined, I believe that you will stay on the path that is right for you.