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Wade Brown- Motivated by Competition- June 2014

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Greatness lies within each of us. Wade Brown is a humble young man who realized his greatness very early in life. His life has been propelled by competition that has resulted in him excelling in several areas. He is currently pursuing a Bacehlor of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at CARIMAC at the University of the West Indies (Mona). Although he is only 22 years old, his life is testament to the fact that regardless of where you come from you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Early Years

Wade was raised in the volatile community of Tivoli Gardens. Despite its notoriety for gang violence, Wade was able to stay away from negative influences. He was raised by his mother and his grandfather acted as a male role model in his life. From a very young age, his grandfather instilled in him the value of competition. It was his grandfather’s guidance, along with his intrinsic motivation, that resulted in him placing first in a race in a track and field competition amongst basic schools in neighboring communities. He continued his athletic prowess while attending the Wolmers Boys’ School. However, he not only excelled on the field. He also excelled in the classroom and received a 5 year GSAT scholarship from Scotiabank to attend Wolmer’s Boys.

While at Wolmers he participated in several activities including: Schools’ Challenge Quiz, football, hockey, and student council. In 2008, the Schools’ Challenge Quiz team that he was a part of made it to the quarter finals of the competition. In 2010, the team made it to the semi-finals. In 2010, he was also the President of the Student Council and a member of the Wolmers’ team that made it to the Manning Cup quarter finals. Finally, he was a member of Wolmers’  under 19 ISSA hockey team that made it to the finals of the competition in 2008 and 2009.

Actively Engaged

The transition from high school to university was a bit challenging for Wade. He now had a new level of freedom and an increased work load. Also, he was actively engaged in several campus, hall and community activities. Nevertheless, as time progressed, he was able to strike a balance. Presently, he plays hockey for UWI and is also a track and field athlete. He is also the President of his community volunteer group and teaches marathons during the exam season. One of his most noteworthy accomplishments, while serving as Off Campus Representative for Rex Nettleford Hall, was being named Rexan of the Year for 2014.

Words of Wisdom

Wade does not realize how much of an inspiration he is to others because of how ambitious and actively engaged he is.  Probably what makes him maintain his momentum is his life’s philosophy- Age Quod Agis. This Latin proverb means “Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.” He also lives by the words “Love God, obey God, and do good.” Regardless of how daunting a task may seem, be encouraged by the fact that many people before you have gone through the same thing and emerged victors. Also, if you realize that you have taken on more than you can handle, don’t be afraid to make some sacrifices and drop some activities.

Let Wade’s story inspire you to do more and be more. Look for ways to become more actively involved today.

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Christian Leadership

Today, the Sunday School lesson focused on "The Christian and Politics". While preparing for this lesson last night, I decided to look at Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech since he is one of the most powerful Christian leaders who has made radical changes for society. While listening to the speech and reading the passages of scripture in Exodus that relate to God calling Moses, I started to think critically about how different a Christian leader should be. My thoughts led me to the following points. A Christian leader should:

Have Vision

All good leaders should have vision. There is no doubt about that. However, the Christian leader's vision should extend beyond looking for ways to heavily increase profits for his or her company for instance. The Christian leader's vision should be one of social change and should focus on how things can be improved for the betterment of all individuals. I think that we oftentimes get caught up in finances and how we can make more money and become sidetracked in working for the greater good.

Strive for Equality

Martin Luther King Jr.'s mantra was equality for blacks. There is a line in his speech where he says "I have a dream that one day my two children will be looked upon not because of the colour of their skin but the content of their character". That is such a profound statement as it symbolises the truth that all humans should be viewed equally. Christian leaders have to be cautious about how they treat others. Regardless of social class, race, education or wealth all people should be treated equally.

Identify God

When God was calling Moses in Exodus 3:1-10 he caught Moses' attention by using a burning bush. Oftentimes God will not do something quite as drastic to get our attention but we should be so in tune with Him as Christians that we are able to identify when He is speaking us and we should be receptive to his directives.

Identify the Needs

Before sending Moses on his mission, God carefully outlined the needs of the Israelites. He highlighted the fact that the Israelites were in misery because of slavery and His concern for their suffering. Christian leaders should fully understand the needs of the people they lead before making plans and decisions.

Not Resist God's Call

Moses resisted God's call by complaining about every weakness he had. Jonah resisted by running away. No matter what you do, God will find you and He will equip you to do what He has set before you.  Christian leaders should not resist but should instead rely on God's wisdom and strength to help them to accomplish the tasks set before them.

Place All Plans Before God

Throughout Moses' leadership of the Israelites he ALWAYS consulted with God and sought God's direction. Proverbs 16:3 says "Commit to the Lord whatever you do and He will establish your plans". Christian leaders should place every plan, every thought and every idea in God's hands.

Being a Christian leader is not easy by any means. However, I believe that by following these points we all can become the types of leaders God wants us to be.