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4 Tips for Surviving as an Indie Author

Signature You have always dreamt about crafting your own novel. The ideas have been running around in your head for years, but you just haven't mustered up the courage to put pen to paper. Time and fear are the only two factors standing in the way of your dream. As time progresses, you overcome your fear and find the time to put your piece together. Excitement courses through your veins as you go through the final stages of getting the book ready for publishing. What you do next will determine your success or failure as an indie author.

Every man, woman and child is now an author. Just go on the website and look at the thousands of books available. Surviving as an indie author in this competitive marketplace can be a very daunting task. What makes it even worse is the fact that there are people out there who promise to market your book and increase your sales for a fee, but really can't fulfill their promises. You end up spending hundreds of dollars to get your book noticed to no avail.

Over the past year and a half I have learnt a lot about the self-publishing industry. Simply put, it can be a real pain in the ass. However, I have discovered four tips that can help you keep your focus and see gradual success as an indie author.

Tip #1: Turn Your Discouragement into Motivation

There are days when you will look at your stats and wonder why you even bothered to publish your book in the first place. The countless hours that you spent writing and marketing the book will seem meaningless. Don't give up. Let those stats be your motivation to try harder. Remember the few reviews that you've gotten from people who really love your work. Continue to push. The early days of your writing career are spent paying your dues. One day you will master the art of book marketing. Keep writing and promoting.

Tip #2: Effectively Utilize Social Media

It is one thing to create a Facebook author page and Twitter account. It's another to keep these social media accounts active and engaging for your followers. Post consistently on your social media pages. Find content that is relevant to your genre and talk about it. On Twitter, it is a good idea to post three times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening). It is also a good idea to post on Facebook at least once per day. Use attention grabbing headlines and discuss ideas that you know people would want to talk about. Feel free to even share your experiences.

Tip #3: Encourage People to Review Your Work

It has been said that only about 1 in every 100 persons will write a review of a book they've purchased. However, you can tip the scales a bit by actively seeking reviewers. Do a general Google search for reviewers in your genre and offer them free samples of your book. Join book reviewer groups on Goodreads. Connect with other authors. Use as many media as possible to connect with people who will read and review your book. The more positive reviews you get is the higher your ranking will be. This increases your book's visibility.

Tip #4: Offer Your Book for Free

It is true that you didn't create your book only because you love to write. You also wanted to earn a little extra money. However, if you aren't an established author the best way for you to get you name out there is to offer your book for free. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) offers Kindle Countdown Deals every three months for your book. It's best for you to choose their option to sell the book for free for five days. You can choose when those five days would be. Once you've chosen those days, PROMOTE them heavily.  Find reputable websites that allow you to promote countdown deals for a small fee. Write posts on Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook. Get the word out there. Increased downloads will eventually equate to more reviews for your book.


Never forget your passion for writing. Let it feed your desire to succeed as an indie author. Follow these tips and you'll start seeing greater success within a few months. Let me know any other tips you have for succeeding as an indie author by commenting below.  Don't forget to get a copy of my novella at this link :) Click here.

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