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Following Your Dreams


Dreams make the world come alive. They provide us with hope and give us a reason to live. It was Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream to see his children live in a society of racial equality that ultimately resulted in greater freedom for blacks in America. It was Steve Jobs' dream to create a high quality product the world could enjoy that resulted in the creation of the technological giant, Apple. It was God's dream to create a species in His image that resulted in you being here today to read this article. However, our dreams can often seem like fantasies that are far beyond our reach. The more we think about the obstacles in our path is the more our dreams seem more like fantasies. If you are realizing that your dreams are slowly becoming mere fantasies, hold on to the following tips that can give you the courage to move forward.

Your Contribution is Valuable

The central principle from Dr. Myles Monroe's book Understanding Your Potential that has stayed with me from the first day I read it over 5 years ago is the fact that the richest place in the world is the graveyard. In graveyards worldwide there are thousands of people who have died not realizing who they were truly meant to be. Some of their ideas could have been the things that changed the world. Similarly, your idea could be something that greatly impacts the lives of others. Never give up on your dream because you never know the difference you could make.

Obstacles are Only Temporary

Think about an athlete who competes in the 400m hurdles. Each of those hurdles is an obstacle between her and the finish line. She knows that if she does not clear the hurdles correctly, they can cause her to stumble. Nevertheless, she doesn't let this deter her because her eyes are on the finish line. Eventually, those hurdles become surmountable obstacles that take her towards her ultimate goal. Similarly, every obstacle you face is a challenge you can overcome. My major obstacle is finances. I want to do an MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management at the University of Wisconsin, but the tuition fee is something I could never afford in my lifetime. However, I am determined to find a way to source those finances and enter that program. I will not allow finances to prevent me from becoming who I know I am meant to be. When faced with the challenges of finances, fear, health, or lack of support, develop the courage to find a way to leap over those hurdles and make it to the finish line.

View Your Dream as a Reality

If you view your dream as unattainable, you will never achieve it. Instead, view it as your present circumstance. Claim it and believe that it is yours. For instance, if you want to be a doctor, begin calling yourself Dr. [insert name here] and read books and articles related to medicine. I am not suggesting that saying these things means that they must happen.  After all, if you don't put in the work you  won't be able to achieve much. However, when you begin to believe that it is possible, it is more likely that your dream will become a reality.


If we all failed to dream, there would be no hope in the world. Everything would lack meaning and life wouldn't be worth living. Don't allow fear to squash your dreams. Instead, follow the tips I have outlined to keep your dream alive. One day, it will become a reality.



Letting Go

cliff_hanging Your fingers grip tightly to the ledge as you look down at the dark space in the middle of the canyon. Fear grips your heart and threatens to take your breath away as you try your best to prevent yourself from falling into this deep abyss. No one can hear your screams for help and you have no idea what fate you will experience if you decide to take the fall. What should you do?

So often in life we find ourselves holding on so tightly to things, people, and situations that when the time comes for us to let go, we are so afraid that we will fall into an abyss of uncertainty and hopelessness that we choose to hold on to these sources of our pain and unhappiness. I realise that I have been holding on to the ledge of a 'relationship' I have been in because I am just too afraid to let go. Several questions swirl through my brain..."What if I can actually make him love me exclusively?" "What if I let go and can never find a man again?" "Who is going to be there fore me when I'm lonely?" I've come to realise that the answer to these questions will only come if I let go and trust that something will be there to catch my fall. Here are some tips that I have come up with to help me to let go that I hope can also help you.

Know Your Worth

Don't hold on to something or someone just because you want to fill a gap or find comfort. Know that you are worth having someone who loves you completely and will want to be with YOU and ONLY YOU; someone who want take you for granted and will view you as a valuable person in his life. You don't deserve to settle.

Better Will Come

Things happen at the right times and we go through various experiences in life that can only help to make us stronger. When you let go of the person or situation that is causing you to doubt yourself and your worth, your eyes will be opened to the wealth of possibilities that are out there. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Hold on to the Right Things

When we let go of something, we take hold of something else. Allow your experiences to guide you into holding on to the right thing or people. As Albert Einstein cleverly puts it "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Move on from the bad and take up what is good.


When it's time to let go just do what you have to and move on with your life. Don't hold on to things that will only tear you down.