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In Your Arms- Nico and Vinz

Nico and Vinz are new kids on the block. Their debut single Am I Wrong has received great acclaim and popularity. There are three things that I think make them great artistes:

  1. The lyrics they write. Very rarely do I hear music that is so uplifting and motivating. Nico and Vinz have an uncanny ability of capturing the struggles faced by the average individual in beautiful sound.
  2. Their unique sound. Nico and Vinz use catchy African beats in their songs. Doing this helps to set them apart from other artistes. When you hear one of their songs play, you know it's them.
  3. Their melodic voices. Nico and Vinz have very distinct sounds that are pleasant to listen to. they each have been blessed with a gift.

Now let's talk about the song In Your Arms. There are times in our lives when we really feel like we can't go on. There are days when we will feel like we're nothing at all. However, there is that one person who always makes everything seem alright. For many people, that person is God. For others, that person is their spouse or partner. Whoever the person is, Nico and Vinz remind us that he or she helps to make life worthwhile. Click here to see the official music video for this song.



Heaven Knows by Tessanne Chin


Warning: This song is highly addictive so approach with caution.

When Tessanne's album dropped I had listened to each of the song previews on iTunes. After listening I thought that "Everything Reminds Me of You" would have been my favorite song from the album. Then I realized that a lot of people on Twitter were talking about "Heaven Knows" so I decided to check it out on You Tube. I have been addicted to it ever since. The beat is superb and, mixed with Tessanne's angelic voice, it truly is magical. I can't get enough of it!

Now for the story line. This woman is madly in love but she doesn't know how to tell the man what she feels in her heart. She wishes that she could truly express all the ways he makes her feel. Every embrace leaves every bit of her wanting every bit of him. I especially love the chorus when she is declaring he's the one and then starts making the heart beat sound "Boom Boo Boom".

Basically, you can't help but fall in love with this song. I can't wait to get her entire album because it seems to be truly amazing! Her album is called Count on My Love. Have you gotten your copy yet?

Click here to view Tessanne performing Heaven Knows live.