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Five Ways to Create a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Powerful. Captivating. Intriguing. These are the qualities of content that is bound to generate sales.  A content writer who is able to write such content is deemed excellent. Achieving such a feat, however, requires great skill. It is a skill that can be learnt and perfected. Businesses look for content writers who can crate winning content marketing strategies. Novice content writers who follow these five tips can become the excellent content writers a company needs.

Understand Your Audience

People react to content in different ways. Content that you would write for a new mother, for instance would be different from the content you write for a mother raising a teenager. Before you begin to formulate ideas for your content, carefully map out the characteristic features of your target audience. What writing style appeals to them most? What are their interests? What do they most readily relate to? The answers to these questions will help you create lead generating content.

Appreciate the Value of Visual Aids

MDG Advertising states that “94% more total views on average are attracted by content containing compelling images”. Pictures tell stories succinctly. Many people have neither the time nor the patience to sift through blocks of words. An infographic is a perfect way to convey snippets of content using stunning images. This graphic designer creates spectacular infographics that will make your content shine. Shutterfly and Getty Images also offer amazing images at affordable prices. You can even use your own images. It’s worth investing in images that will catch readers’ eyes and make them want to learn more about your brand.

Embrace the Power of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that is thrown around so much in the marketing arena. However, those who use it effectively are able to get their brands noticed online. SEO incorporates the strategic use of keywords throughout content. There are also many other factors to consider, such as the use of backlinks. A good content marketing strategy naturally utilizes the best keywords throughout a piece. You shouldn’t stuff your content with keywords since this will lead to an over optimization penalty. A keyword density of 1% to 3% is ideal.

Vary the Structure and “Feel” of Your Content

Long sentences. Short sentences.  Humor. Words that paint a picture in the reader’s mind.  Writing with a mixture of these elements builds intrigue.  Overly long sentences, dull language, and a lack of imagination have little or no impact on the reader. Practice using these strategies with content of your own. Content writers who are able to write in this way create some of the best content.



Utilize Social Media Wisely

A content marketing strategy is incomplete without a solid social media marketing strategy. Social media presents your brand to the world. It allows you to interact with customers and experts in your niche in creative ways. Promoting your content strategically on social media adds strength to your content marketing strategy. Research the optimal times to post content. These times vary depending on the platform used. Remember to incorporate stunning images. People won’t click on the link to your article if you don’t have an amazing image attached. Follow some of the social media gurus and learn from their posting trends.  You can become a master too.


Let your passion for writing guide you on your journey to become a content marketing specialist. Be the rose that stands out in the garden of flourishing roses. Follow the strategies highlighted in this article and remain true to who you are. A business searching for a good content writer will find you.