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#Blacklivesmatter...what it really means

Black. Lives. Matter. Each word, each syllable reminds us of a time that we thought had ended long ago. Slavery ended centuries ago, but it still prevails today in many ways. We tend to focus on the physical and socioeconomic effects of slavery. However, slavery was much more than people of ethnic origin working for hours on end in the grueling sun. It was degradation at its peak. Black people were infused with thoughts of inferiority and a mentality that  they would never have the same opportunities as whites. The superiority complex of the whites was perpetuated.

This mental bondage still pervades today throughout the world. People who aren't Caucasian are deemed insignificant or incapable. In America in particular being black, Hispanic, or Chinese often causes you to receive disapproving stares or disparaging remarks from those who deem themselves to be superior. People see the senseless killings of black men and women by police in America and create an upheaval. They form a #blacklivesmatters movement and stage protests. "Let our voices be heard!" they scream. "Stop mistreating us!" they exclaim. However, all of their shouts and screams dissipate into the still air around them. Making not impact. Leaving no mark.

Why won't these protest change anything? In the grand scheme of things, these protests don't attack the root problem: the white supremacist mentality. All types of supremacy mentalities are causing the collapse of the world as we know it. Look at Bangladesh and other countries in the Middle East where people are in the midst of a war zone. Look at some of the countries in Africa where people are turning against their own in favor of wealth and power. Something is inherently wrong with the way the world thinks. Until that changes, black lives won't matter. Hispanic lives won't matter. Chinese lives won't matter. Life won't matter. The fact that the color of your skin affects how you are treated is ludicrous. The same blood runs through our veins. Until we learn to judge each other by the quality of our thoughts and accomplishments, the world will continue to be filled with hate.