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Loving the Skin I'm In

This is how my body looks now.

This is my goal.

My friends who know me well know that I am always complaining about my body. I either have too much belly fat for my liking or too much fat on my thighs. However, I have come to realise that one of the most important steps for embracing who I am and how I look is putting in the work necessary to get the body I want. It definitely won't happen if I continue complaining.

So now that I have accepted the hard work needed to  achieve the right physique, how can I stick to the routine?

Set Goals

I know that I want to feel good in my own skin. I started working out again this week and everyday when I get up and feel like I don't want to do it I keep seeing the image in my head of how I want to look. Keeping that primary goal in mind has been helping me to stick to the regime.

Another goal that I have is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I remember a nurse who goes to my church telling me that sweat is good for our bodies because it eliminates the toxins that cause us to get sick. When she said that in July it clicked in my head that I need to start taking exercise seriously for the good sake of my health.

View Your Health As Important

Exercise is not only important for necessary sweat production, but it also helps you to keep a healthy heart and body weight. According to an article entitled "Health Benefits of Exercise" found at, exercise is important for the following reasons:

"It encourages a healthy heart. When you exercise your heart rate increases and this helps to strengthen your heart muscles, lower your blood pressure,increase your good cholesterol levels, lower your bad cholesterol levels, improve blood flow and allows your heart to work at its full potential."

"It reduces body fat thus preventing obesity, high blood pressure, and noninsulin dependent diabetes."

"It prevents back pain and bone loss when endurance and strength building exercises are incorporated."

"It reduces stress and creates a healthy self-image."

Be Realistic

Exercise does not bring about instantaneous change. My personality type automatically leads me to think unrealistically more often than not. When I look at myself in the mirror and I'm not seeing the toned midsection, it is discouraging. However, why should I expect that to happen in a week? Change takes time and hard work. When you understand this you will be more willing to stick to your routine.

Hard Work Leads to Results

Whether you go to the gym or you use aerobic videos, you have to develop self-motivation. I used to believe that I had to have company or someone telling me to go and exercise in order to do it. This is not the best way to approach exercise because if you aren't able to motivate yourself, you are going to give up when there is no one there to push you. Always remember that the hard work you put in will yield the best results.

Take the steps that you need to make today to improve your health and your physical well being. Begin to embrace become the best "you" possible.



Know Thyself

Image Who am I? Seems like a simple question right? But if you really pause to think about it...what would your response be? Personally, I would give a generic answer such as, "Hi. I'm Christine and I'm a caring person."  However, truly knowing oneself extends far beyond the superficial and forces us to embrace every facet of who we are (both good and bad; both strengths and weaknesses).

I could very easily point out everything I dislike about myself and I have yet to truly embrace the good qualities that I have. As a result, I tend to look for someone to show me what good there really is in me and this, naturally, leads to problems in the intimate relationships I have had. Before you can share yourself with someone else you have to be able to appreciate and accept every facet of your have to be able to know and love who you are. Loving yourself means that you understand your strengths and weaknesses and you know how to minimise your weaknesses and maximise your strengths.

Comparison is one of the things that leads to self-hatred and low self esteem. Trust me, I've been there and done that. However, we have to realise that there will ALWAYS be someone who is better than us or who has more talents than we do. The moment we are able to stop looking at what others have and begin to strengthen what we already possess is when we have truly discovered the meaning of our lives. Look at it this way, people go to the gym to develop their physique. The more they work out is the stronger and more toned they become. If they don't work out they go back to square one and are therefore not able to become the "sexy beasts" they know they can become. Similarly, if we don't do things to develop the strengths we have, they will become underdeveloped and we won't be able to maximise our true potential.

I am beginning my journey of self discovery and I hope that this will help me to have an excellent relationship with my life long partner in the future. Will you begin to embrace who you are and truly LOVE yourself?