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When It All Is Just Too Much


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

Life is a journey that is riddled with several disappointments, failures, good times, and triumphs. However, how we choose to approach life can make or break us. If we view it as a gift we will spend every waking moment making the most of it, but if we view it as a curse then we will spend all of our time focusing on the negatives and depleting our mental energy. Over the past few years, I have viewed life as a curse. What really is my purpose here? What value do I add to this world? Why do I do the things I do? However, this week the pressure became so great that I really felt like giving up.  Financial responsibilities, life choices and the immense stress at work were all becoming too much.  Today, I was reflecting during the ride home from work and I realized that I can change how I approach my life by practicing the following steps.

Just Breathe

When everything seems to be tumbling down around you just close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold it for ten seconds and release it. You would be surprised by how this simple exercise can grant you relief. It helps you to let go of the negative energy that is consuming your thoughts. Personally, it helps me to stop worrying and just let go. The next time when you feel like there are too many things coming at you at once, just breathe, let go of the negative energy, and move on.

Be Realistic

One of the things that affects me greatly is my job and, although I had made the decision to approach what I do with a different attitude for this term, I find it so difficult to enjoy what I do. Nevertheless, the reality is that I have a job and I need the job in order to earn an income. So, the best thing for me to do is suck it up and give it my best shot. I have to make the choice to conquer my reality so that better opportunities can present themselves.


There is no one who understands your thoughts and heart's desires better than God. He knows when you feel depressed or overwhelmed or pressured. As a result, He is the best person to pour your heart out to. Place all your burdens at His feet and you will be amazed by how well He handles them.


These three steps are helping me to come out of this negative space that I have been in and I hope they will also help you. When you become overwhelmed just breathe, accept your reality, and pray. Everything will fall into place eventually.





You Are Never Alone

lonely person In this complex and hectic world it is so easy to get easy to feel like you're alone. Loneliness forces us to enter into the wrong relationships, develop a negative self image, and can lead to depression. So, if we know all of the negative consequences of loneliness, why do we allow our minds to encourage it? Regardless of the reasons we allow loneliness to take over our lives, I believe that the following tips can help all of us to realise that we truly are never alone.

Become Time Efficient

Not everyone in the world can be outgoing and surrounded by a multitude of friends. Some of us are more reclusive and have a harder time creating genuine friendships. This often results in us having many hours and days to ourselves. However, what do we do with that time? Do we over think, worry and allow negative thoughts to flood our brains? Or do we use that time to think of what we can do to bring more joy and happiness into our lives? Use your time alone to develop useful skills, read a good novel, watch a good movie, find some freelance jobs, or plan a vacation with your friends or family. Don't walk around feeling sorry for yourself.

Don't Be Person Dependent

If you are depending on someone to make you happy then you are bound to constantly be disappointed. your friends won't always be available to go out and if you are always asking the same person to go out with you, he or she is bound to get fed up with you at some point. Learn to create your own happiness and to discover your interests.

Spend Time With Your Creator

When I was in my teens I spent alot of time talking to God and reading His word. I think through the changes in my life and my disappointment with the way things have turned out, I have neglected my relationship with God. I am still actively involved in church and I read my Bible but that deep connection with God is not there and I find that I am sadder and more bothered with life. Your spiritual health is important and when your relationship with your Creator is excellent, you will truly know that you are never alone because He is always with you.

Don't let loneliness consume you. Create your own happiness, discover your interests and spend time with you Creator so that you can make the best use of your life.



God, Where are You?

Image There was a period in my life where I was so angry with and disappointed in God. For my entire life until my second year of university I believed with very great conviction that God wanted me to be a medical doctor. I worked so hard to ensure that I did my part to make that fall into place and I trusted that God would do the rest. At the end of sixth form, I applied for medical school and was instead accepted into the Pure and Applied Sciences program. After going through an extremely rough and depressing first year, I reapplied for medicine and guess what? I got accepted for a program that was well out of my father's budget. After all of my effort my only question was....God, where are you? How could you have told me this and cause this to happen?

I could have allowed that experience to make me bitter but instead I decided to make the most of my university experience and really get involved. This allowed me to evolve as a person and after all was said and done I believe that God did not allow medicine to work out for me for that very that I could EVOLVE. You see, if I had been in medical school I would never have had many of the experiences and adventures I have had. I also would not have been able to become actively involved in my church. So, it really is not that God wasn't there...He was always there but He wanted to steer me on another path to accomplish a greater purpose.

No one who I know really knows or understands the struggles my family has gone through. No one knows the times when there was hardly any food in the house and the years my mom went without a job. Many close family friends were probably wondering where God was in our situation. However, He was right there and truly manifested Himself in the strength and courage my mother displayed through it all.

I am learning and embracing the true value and meaning of faith. Faith is believing that even though life is not happening according to your agenda, God has everything under control. Faith is understanding that you will never be able to understand everything that is or is not happening in your life but knowing that in the end everything will be fine.

Also, we have to be able to quickly identify when bitterness is seeping into our lives. Bitterness is a big wall that prevents us from evolving into better people. Some people may become bitter through grief as they wonder why God would chose to take away their family members. Others may become bitter due to envy of others and still others may become bitter for the same reasons I did. However, never lose sight of the fact that God sees the bigger picture and the only way that you can truly become who you're meant to be is if you have faith and trust Him to take control.



What Most Women Look For in a "Hubby"

3347884_kopia Although the characteristics that a woman looks for in a man she wants to be her husband differ for each individual, there are some fundamental things I believe every ambitious woman wants to see in her man. I hope every man reading this will take notes.

Ambition and Focus

You may not have all that you want now but you should at least be putting plans in place to get there. Some men are just all talk and no action. Others are all over the place...not really certain what they want to accomplish with their lives. When a woman sees that a man is going places she will be willing to be there to support and encourage him along the way regardless of how rough the journey may be.


A woman wants her partner to be someone she can be herself with. She doesn't want her man to make her feel like something is wrong with her and with her values. If the two of you aren't compatible then you just aren't compatible...let her go before things get too serious and it becomes hard for HER to let you go.

Comfort further extends to being able to share her deepest thoughts and emotions with her partner. If she feels like you aren't interested or you aren't listening to her then she WILL find someone who will listen which could spell trouble for your relationship.

Him Haffi Look Dappa

Don't get me wrong, he doesn't have to be the sexiest man alive but when a man looks good it makes his woman feel great walking beside him. Some men just throw themselves together and give no thought and time to preparing to go out with their women. The clothes don't have to be expensive and you don't have to wear expensive cologne but at least make an effort to look expect her to do the same for you right?


Women are easily swoon by charm. However, many "hubbies" turn the charm off when they know they have the girl. I've never understood fully why because if you have the girl you should do everything in your power to keep her right? Keep the romance alive in the relationship and she'll be yours for life.

Relationship with the Creator

For non-Christians this isn't really important but for Christian women it is a MUST (whether she realises it or not). The man is the head of the household not only in financial matters but also in spiritual matters. There is this quote that says "A woman should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him in order to find her". This is SOOO very crucial when building a relationship with someone you hope will be your lifelong partner.

These, I believe, are the key elements that ambitious women look for in men who they want to be their lifelong partners. Become this man and I guarantee the right girl wil come along.