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Developing Your Inner Peace


Developing Your Inner Peace


Loud noises. Honking horns. Loud people. Difficult bosses. Blinding lights. Screaming children. STOP!!!! The hustle and bustle of life can oftentimes create feelings of great trepidation that lead us to seek comfort in a person, food or object that we believe relieves our stress and sets our minds at ease.  It also causes us to lose sight of our dreams as we get lost in the pandemonium of life. However, have you ever stopped to consider what would happen when your source of comfort is suddenly removed from your life? What will you do? How will you cope? Also, what will happen if your dreams become a fading memory? 72960764.pHFTVdYZ

Many of us have a dependency complex. In order for us to feel passion and exuberance to do anything, we depend on others to push us and propel us forward. In theory, nothing is inherently wrong with seeking the support and encouragement of family and friends but, in order for you to truly advance in life and become the best (and most successful version of yourself) you have to learn to develop self-motivation. With self-motivation, you can conquer any challenge or obstacle you face and make great strides towards attaining your goals. The real question do you develop self-motivation?

Change Your Thought Patterns

Alvin Day in his book "If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I" states "Every aspect of your life today results from words- words you think, say to yourself, utter with your tongue, express in writing, plus words you absorb from others...".  H. Norman Wright in his book "A Better Way to Think" further states that how we think affects what we do and how we feel. I have first-hand experience with this as my outlook on my job has resulted in depression and substandard performance. For years I have been caught up in the disappointment of not going to med school that I have missed out on so much of what my present circumstances have to offer me. Most days when I go to work I would tell myself that I hate my job, I hate these students and I am not capable of being a good teacher. Consequently, my energy in the classroom was non-existent and I was just going through the motions. This holiday season, I have begun working about how I think about my job and it has resulted in my mind opening up to new ideas that I can use to impart my lessons. Although I have not put these thoughts into practice yet, I know that I am going to see much better results in my classroom. No matter what people said, I had to develop this mindset on my own in order to truly step into another phase of my life-journey. Negative thoughts produce negative outcomes....positive thoughts produce positive outcomes. It really is that simple.

Speak In the Affirmative

After being negative for so many years, you mind becomes conditioned to negative thoughts. So, no matter how much you want to be positive, your mind is telling you otherwise. Nevertheless, it is possible to transform your thinking into positive energy. Personally, I am developing the habit of saying "I am an excellent teacher" regardless of what my mind may be saying. I will continue to speak this affirmative both verbally and in my thoughts until it becomes a reality. You would be surprised by how just speaking positively can give you renewed energy and cause a dramatic shift in your circumstances overtime.

Put Pen to Paper

It is one thing to have your thoughts in your head but when you begin to write them down, you have a visual representation of your ideas. This can help you to develop the plans needed to put your thoughts to action and will also bring you joy and comfort from the stresses and negativity that surrounded your life. I have many ideas, plans and dreams and I know that they will come to fruition because I have developed a plan of action for each and I am doing what I need to in order to execute these plans. don't let financial constraints or lack of emotional support prevent you from moving forward. You know where you want to go so do what you need to do to get there.

I would suggest that each morning, you write five goals that you want to achieve for that that will propel you towards your dreams. Throughout the day, work towards accomplishing each of those goals and at the end of the day, perform a mental evaluation of your success. this will give you a renewed sense of purpose and help you not to become distracted by the noise of life.

The only person who can move you one step closer to your dreams is you. Don't depend on people or things to provide you with comfort or support. Instead, find your inner strength and use that to climb to the peak of your mountain.



5 Things to Learn From Tessanne

lilililili So many articles are now being written about Tessanne and so many people are sharing their thoughts about what we can learn from Tessanne's journey. However, Tessanne's success has made such a huge  impact on me and has given me a new drive to pursue my dreams that I had to ensure that I penned my thoughts. Each person's life story is unique but I believe that there are five things that we all can learn from Tessanne's success that can help us to make our dreams come to life.


This is such a simple word that we often take for granted but it has the power to help us change the world or contribute to the wealth of potential in the graveyard. Although Shaggy was the one who suggested the idea of auditioning for the Voice to Tessanne, she still had to believe in her talent and use this belief to capitalise on this amazing opportunity. It must be noted, however, that her belief did not equate to arrogance or over-confidence. Despite the resounding praises from coaces and fans alike, Tessanne remained gracious and humble. Her warmth as a human being shows that it is not enough to believe in your abilities. Instead, that belief must be coupled with an appreciation for others and an ability to show love and compassion to supporters and naysayer's alike.

Get Up and Get Moving

Imagine if Tessanne had listened to Shaggy's advice but allowed the fear of rejection to overcome her. Where would she be now? Tessanne had a dream and she was determined to do what she needed to in order to make that dream a reality. However, auditioning for the competition was just the first phase of the journey. Week after week she had to put in several hours of rehearsals and coaching sessions to ensure that each night she delivered a stellar performance. As the old Jamaican saying goes "If yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run" which simply means that you have to be willing to work hard for what you desire. Dreams don't become reality overnight...they take weeks, months or years of persistent work and dedication.

Be Open to All Possible Outcomes

Tessanne was never over-confident. Each week there was always a look of great relief on her face when Carson stated that she was one of the people America saved.  Tessanne knew that her journey to the finish line was not guaranteed and she was willing to use the knowledge she had garnered from this experience to take her one step closer to her dreams. Thankfully, she did not have to go the latter route but sometimes the latter route is the reality. If the latter route becomes your reality then always remember that failure is never final and use your experiences to propel you even closer to your dreams.

Surround Yourself With Good People

In her inner circle, Tessanne had the support of well wishing friends and family who had been there with her from the very beginning. She didn't surround herself with people who told her she can't...she surrounded herself with people who told her she can. The people we allow into our inner circles can make or break our dreams so we need to be wise about who we allow to enter.

Never Give Up

After so many years of being a back up singer and performing her and there at concerts, Tessanne was becoming frustrated. She was nearing the point of giving up but, this opportunity came ans she is now reaping the rewards. Imagine if she had given up a year or two years ago. Never give up on your dreams regardless of how long it takes for them to become reality.

I have always loved Tessanne's song "Hideaway" and I knew she far surpassed her competition on the Voice. She is one of my heroes and I will use these guiding principles to propel me into a bigger and brighter future.