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Relish the Single Life

Single people tend to envy those who are in relationships. They yearn for the love and companionship that couples tend to have. However, as I get older I have come to realize that envying these things is meaningless. In fact, envying these things can only cause more harm than good as you settle for less than you deserve because you don't want to be alone.  There is nothing wrong with being single and I just wanted to take some time to express my thoughts on the benefits of a single life. It Gives You Freedom

Being single gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams in a way that you probably never could if you were in a relationship. You can settle in another country to start a fresh life. You can take a promotion in another state without having to worry about keeping your relationship alive. You can even advance your education without feeling guilty about leaving your partner behind.  There is so much you can do without worrying about how your partner feels.

You Learn to Love Yourself

I have learnt that you can't go into a relationship expecting someone to love you if you don't love yourself. When you're single you're able to discover your likes and dislikes without feeling obligated to do what your partner wants to do. Gradually, you begin to appreciate your beauty and feel comfortable making no apologies for who you are and why you do what you do. When you love yourself, you are better able to love others.

You Can Date More than One Person

Notice I said DATE NOT HAVE SEX WITH. I think that the value of dating has been lost in our society. We are more interested in getting too serious too quickly instead of truly getting to know someone before making the next step.  Dating more than one person makes it more likely that you'll make the right choice of someone to be with. This assumes that the people know that you're dating them to get to know them and not looking for anything serious at this particular point in time.


I'm sure that there are many more benefits, but these stand out to me. If you have any thoughts please feel free to express them in the comments section below.



5 Dating Ideas For Christmas

char-hot-date-ideas6 As the holidays roll around and we get caught up in the flurry of purchasing gifts for our friends and loved ones, it is important for us not to neglect one of the most important gifts we have been blessed with...our partners. We know that in this economy money is very tight but that is no excuse for us to neglect spending some quality time with our partners. Now is the time to get creative and I believe that these budget friendly date ideas  can help you to have a magical date this holiday season.

#1 An Open Air Picnic

Rather than going to a fancy restaurant and spending an exorbitant amount of money on food, why not grab a blanket, make some sandwiches and head to a nice botanical garden or beach. If you don't have either a beach or garden close by then why not make use of your own backyard? It can be a very romantic experience to spend some time alone together surrounded by the beauty of nature and the best thing about it is that you only have to pay for transportation and the food items you'll need to make the snacks.

#2-Games Night

This is a really interesting double date idea. Games like Twister, Taboo, Pictionary and Sherades are alot of fun and help add extra conversation pieces and interest to a date night. You would be surprised at how this experience can help you to enjoy your partner in a way you probably never have before.

#3- Movie Night

Now this in't the conventional buy a movie theater ticket type of movie night. Instead, you can begin your date night at home with a nice candle light dinner that you and you partner make together. Who knows, the heat in the kitchen could lead to some spice in the bedroom. after sharing a lovely meal together, you can  curl up in each other's arms on the sofa with a bowl of popcorn and a DVD of one of your favourite holiday movies.

#4- Road Trip

Although the car ride can be dreary, arriving at your final destination can be a thrilling experience. Plan a short road trip that will take you to some part of your country that you've never been to. If it's not too far from home it won't be a very expensive venture and it would be a great adventure that has the potential of bringing you closer together as a couple.

#5- Ice cream Outing

I love ice cream and I am quite satisfied with sitting down with an ice cream cone and enjoying good company. Ice cream may not be for everyone but the basic idea is to go out for a simple sweet treat that will allow you to spend some quality alone time with someone you love.

This holiday, make the effort to spend some quality time with your spouse. It will be worth it.