“Ugh, this book writing thing has me stressed out in all kinds of ways!”

This is the cry of many entrepreneurs who understand the value of an eBook but just don’t have the time to put it together in the right way. Let’s be real though…great eBooks are created from well-crafted book outlines.

Think of a book outline like the blueprint for the book writing process. Blueprints form a crucial component of the construction process; construction can’t begin until the blueprint is approved. Neglecting to create a book outline for the eBook means that you’ll eventually have to work overtime to get mismatched thoughts to flow cohesively.

You’re probably one of those entrepreneurs who wants to cut corners to get your eBook out as quickly as possible so that you can start earning money. Patience young Jedi! The CEM Writing Services’ tested and proven F-I-R-M strategy can help you create a killer book outline in 2 hours or less..

This article explains each step in the F-I-R-M process. Follow each step closely and you’ll have a well-written outline that can help you write a stunning eBook in no time.

F- Find your key points. (20 minutes)

Spend 10 minutes brainstorming the most important points for your eBook. At this stage, it isn’t about writing anything in order. Just get a fresh sheet of paper and jot down the most relevant thoughts you have about your eBook topic using a mind map. Some key questions that you must answer include:

  1. What unique perspective can I share about this topic?

  2. What experience do I have in the field?

  3. What questions do customers have about this topic? Do I have the answers for these questions?

Below is an example of a mind map about health.

Image Source: Mind Map Art

The trend in the business eBook writing space seems to be rewriting existing content. Repurposing existing content is great but I find that it oftentimes defeats the purpose for writing an eBook. Why should a potential customer read something that they can easily find elsewhere?

An eBook should be used to push the limits of your creativity. It’s about putting your brand in the spotlight and showcasing what your brand has to offer. Don’t waste the opportunity by using repurposing as a quick fix.

I- Itemize the main points. (10 minutes)

You’ve used the mind map to identify your most relevant thoughts about the topic. It’s time to sift through that muddled mess to choose the most relevant points and arrange them in a logical sequence.

Let’s use the mind map given as an example in the previous step. You own a fitness company and want to write a 50 page eBook about simple exercises for a busy entrepreneur. Therefore, you would be focusing on the exercise and health branches of the mind map.

Your approach could be to identify 10 key exercises that you’ve used to help your busy clients achieve amazing results. Each exercise would be the heading of a chapter of the eBook. At this stage, all you’re doing is listing these 10 exercises in the order in which you want them to be discussed.

R- Reveal your plan. (45 minutes)

This is where you really get your hands dirty. There must be a strategic approach to each chapter. Your plan from the moment someone begins reading the book is to capture their undivided attention. What content do you have to achieve this objective?

Here’re the critical considerations you must have at this stage:

  1. What are you going to use at the beginning of the book to grab the reader’s attention? Is there a life-changing testimonial from a client that you can share? Can you share your personal story? Is there any humor that you can include?

  2. What key points will be discussed in each chapter? List these points in bullet from under each heading.

  3. How are you going to structure each chapter to make the book your own? It’s great to make the book as practical as possible so that the reader can get the most out of it. Different strategies can be used to add the practical element. For instance, you could have a Plan for Action at the end of each chapter that forces the reader to apply the concepts learnt.

  4. What anecdotes or real-life examples can you use to make the content come alive?

  5. Are there images or graphics that you’ll want to include to further enhance the content? (This isn’t mandatory.)

Detailing the book outline in this way also helps pinpoint the ideal length of the book. Having a target book length in mind becomes crucial if you plan to hire a content writer.

M- Merge the outline with your end goal. (45 minutes)

Your eBook has a purpose. It must be written in such a way that there are action cues that lead the reader towards your desired objective. Think carefully about how you’re going to weave those action cues subtly into the content. The trick it to avoid sounding like a sales person while still linking the content back to your brand.

Two Hours of Bliss

There you have it. That’s how you can use 2 hours to create a book outline that really helps you create an eBook that achieves results. You may not have two hours to apply the F-I-R-M strategy to create a killer book outline. Don’t sweat it! I’m your content writing superhero who’s here to help save the day. Fill out the contact form below so that we can schedule a free consultation to discuss your eBook needs.

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