The online business world has become a crowded marketplace. A solid content marketing strategy requires oomph, pizzazz, and something truly unique that forces people to stop and pay attention. Writing a plethora of articles is no longer sufficient. Everyone is doing it! You need a content creator who can create a content marketing plan that truly portrays the uniqueness of your brand.

I follow a variety of companies, celebrities, and fun social media sensations. Observing their pages has given me some fresh perspectives on effective content marketing. My observations from some of the social media profiles, websites and YouTube channels I like the most are highlighted below.

Yendi Phillips’ Content Marketing Strategy with her Instagram Page (@yendizzle)

The thing I love most about Yendi’s Instagram page is how clearly it depicts her zest for life, health consciousness, and love for her daughter, Israel.  Although her prominence as a Jamaican celebrity has greatly helped her success, she makes a constant effort to build her personal brand. Content on her page ranges from images from her world travels to places we can only imagine, to videos of her Master Dance classes. Influencer marketing is also evident through her videos of smoothie and sweet treat creations for Almond Breeze and Foska Oats. If I’m honest, her videos have made me seriously consider purchasing those products!

Yendi doesn’t have a website. Instagram and Facebook seem to be her main ways to interact with the public. She has 255,000 followers on Instagram and 446,782 followers on Facebook.  Stunning images and well-made videos are the strengths of her pages.

Lesson to Learn: Invest in a good attachable lens for your smartphone so that you can capture even better images and videos. Learn how to use simple video editing software. Create stunning images and videos that show the beauty of your brand and make people say, “Wow!”

Tamera Mowry-Housley’s  Content Marketing Strategy with her Website

I have always been a fan of Tamera Mowry-Housely from her acting days on Sister Sister. She has grown into a beautiful and inspiring woman. Her blog posts are authentic…written from a place of pure love and joy for life and her experiences. She writes about everything she is passionate about: parenting, interior décor,  beauty and fashion, and simple recipes.  Her posts are friendly and make you feel like you’re a small part of her world. I love how she uses each post and her website to interact with her readers and showcase her own pictures. The connection she has with her readers is genuine.

Lesson to Learn: Use brand-specific images. Taking these pictures yourself makes the experience even better for your followers. Write in a way that make your readers feel like they are a part of your world. Take the time to develop a good website. Write about topics you’re passionate about.

The Holderness Family’s Content Marketing Strategy with their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Silly and fun. The Holderness family has created an admirable YouTube following for their hilarious musical parody videos. Over a million people love watching their YouTube channel and Facebook videos whenever I need a good laugh. They know how to let loose and just have fun. Their exaggerated depictions of everyday things that families experience make the videos they produce relatable.

Lesson to Learn: Humor sells. A humorous video will get high engagement and more followers. It also helps when the video has relatable content.


Putting it All Together

A content marketing plan must have the right combination of images, videos, and articles. Images shouldn’t be the easy to find stock images that everyone uses.  Capturing images that relate specifically to your brand boosts your authenticity and make content more relatable. Investing in a lens for your smartphone’s camera is a cost- effective way to help you capture professional quality images and videos. The investment will pay off in the long-term as you gain more followers.

There isn’t anything wrong with articles. However, a content creator should write authentic content that relates to the passions and real experiences of the brand. It’s not about borrowing other people’s ideas. Instead, it’s about forming your own ideas and sharing your unique experiences. You will find a group of people who love what you have to share.

Finally, injecting humor into your content is what seals the deal. People want a break from the seriousness of life. Don’t be afraid to be a silly and a little crazy. Let some humor shine through as much of the content you create as possible.


Christine is a content creator who specializes in articles, website content, and eBooks. You an contact her by clicking here