Social media is your gateway to the world.  There are no barriers. The power that lies in being able to build your brand on social media is almost frightening.  Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vayner Media, is a prime example of an individual who has been able to leverage social media to build his brand. There are several examples of top social media influencers who have found a way to captivate audiences. Tapping into the potential of social media isn’t a skill reserved for the elite. Instead, anyone with the drive and stick-to-itiveness can establish a strong social media presence for their brand. The following tips offer a launch pad for creating a killer social media marketing strategy.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform for Your Brand

Social media isn’t really a one size fits all marketing medium. Each social media platform offers unique benefits for a variety of businesses and individuals.  Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for companies that are visually focused. If you have pictures to share, those are the best places to be. Twitter appeals to people who like to get to the point. With only 140 characters available, marketers have to be very creative with wording and hashtags. Yes, visuals are also important on Twitter. However, the right wording and hashtags are crucial.

Facebook is often the go-to for anyone considering social media marketing. Facebook, with 1.71 billion active monthly users, has the largest share of the social media space.  The beauty of Facebook is the variety of marketing strategies it offers.  You can create a page exclusively for your business and post videos, pictures, and well worded posts that appeal to your target audience. A good social media strategy combines social media platforms that will work best for the brand.

Remember the Customer

It’s easy to get caught up in what you want to say and present. However, you have to carefully consider what your target audience really wants to hear. Your content and images should speak to what your audience wants to hear. When these elements work in tandem, people will be clamoring to follow you and learn more about your brand. Determining what your customers want to hear, however, isn’t a simple process. Consider observing the content that your competitors produce. What makes the content unique? What makes customers want to interact with the content and support the business? Apply what you observe to your content marketing strategy.

Utilize Facebook’s Live Video Feature

Live video is probably one of Facebook’s most ingenious ideas. It’s the perfect way to interact with your audience live. You can host live interviews and discussions, broadcast an event, or share some invaluable insight. The possibilities are endless.

Periscope is an app that works similarly to Facebook’s live video. It allows you to record a live video and use a social media platform like Twitter to interact with your audience. Utilize it in the same way as Facebook’s live video feature and you’ll be surprised by the results.

Tap into Influencer Marketing

There’s nothing wrong with consulting a social media influencer to help you promote your brand. They already have the following and their feedback is highly valued by their audience. So, their stamp of approval of your brand speaks volumes. Influencer marketing is essentially about word of mouth advertising. McKinsey states that, “Customers acquired via word-of-mouth have a 37% higher retention rate.” Influencer marketing is, therefore, a worthwhile investment.

Be Consistent

This is one of the most challenging aspects of social media marketing: consistency.  Your followers crave it. Stick to a schedule that you can work with and post content that is meaningful.  Always remember to keep what the customer wants to hear at the forefront of your mind. Utilize the power of images, hashtags, and well-crafted words.


Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Use these tips to utilize it effectively and you will see amazing results in your brand. If you can’t do it yourself, hire a social media manager. The point is that you shouldn’t neglect the value that a strong social media presence can add to your brand.