We've seen it all. At least that's what avid social media users think. Scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChap, Pinterest, and all of the other social media sites, results in us being inundated with content, images, and videos. Once in a while something piques our interest. We click, gloss over the content, and then move on with our lives. This procedure becomes almost routine.

Content marketers are faced with the stark reality of their content being drowned out in the sea of daily postings. Each day, the primary question on a content marketer's lips is, "How can I truly make my content memorable?" The answer isn't as simple as many bloggers make it seem. It's easy to say, "Be unique" or "Create meaningful content", but statements like these seem vacuous if no practical solutions are presented. 

The true secret to effective content marketing is interaction. Interacting with your customers and getting them to interact with your brand is what will help you create a winning content marketing strategy. So, how do you actually get them to interact with your content and brand? These 4 tips can help you answer this salient question.

Latch on to Viral Topics

The latest buzz provides ephemeral intrigue. Tapping into this short-lasting buzz can help you win new readers and maintain existing ones. Furthermore, creating meaningful content that relates to a viral topic and connects with your brand can help spark interest. Sparked interest often inspires readers to comment and even share your content. If you are able to offer a new, fresh perspective on a current issue or trend, your readers will want to interact with you.

Facilitate Intriguing Discussions

Offering a fresh perspective is key to boosting interaction with your audience. Can you think of a controversial perspective on a topic related to your niche? How can you initiate a discussion around this perspective with people within your niche? Twitter is a good platform to use to connect with others. LinkedIn also offers several groups that allow members to create discussions. Join groups that interest you. Participate in discussions posted by others and start discussions of your own.

Interact with your customers in the same way. Ask them questions on your social media pages and encourage them to respond. You could possibly post a picture, for instance, and ask your audience to share their perspectives on it. Think of things that are light and fun...things that will make people happy to engage and share.

Offer Giveaways

Freebies are an instant catch. Humans are innately selfish, whether we want to admit it or not. We don't really want to give without receiving something in return. Giveaways can be pegged to special promotions. Ask your customers, for instance, to share pictures of your brand on their social media pages in return for free merchandise or coupons. there are many creative strategies you can come up with. Think outside the box.

Don't Be Too Serious

Life is serious enough as it is. People don't want to be bogged down with rigidly structured content. Let loose. Express yourself freely. The more genuine and relatable you are, the more people will want to interact with you. Have fun with your writing and watch your engagement soar.

Interaction is important for any content marketing strategy. These 4 tips can help you create content that your audience will want to interact with. Employ them well and you'll see your audience grow.