Today I accidentally locked myself out of my home. I was pissed, anxious and frustrated. For about half an hour I was screaming in frustration and walking around the house, with my damaged shoulder, trying to see if I could climb in through a window at the back. When I realized that wasn’t going to work, I stood at the door, took a deep breath and began to think. Within seconds I had a solution- walk to a neighbor’s house and call my mom to see if she could find someone to help me. She told me to borrow a knife and pick the lock which is what I did. Voila! I was back into my home. So often in life we become easily frustrated when we encounter difficult situations. I have a tendency to become easily overwhelmed and frustrated. However, my experience today has caused me to realize some tips that we can all use to help us through difficult situations.

Count to Three and Breathe

At one point, I found that I was getting so upset that I was beginning to hyperventilate. When I paused and forced myself to breathe calmly, I realized that I was better able to think. In moments of anger and frustration we tend to make the worst decisions. The next time you find that you are getting upset and anxious, count to three and take a deep breath. Close your eyes if you have to. Just ensure that you give yourself a few seconds to focus so that you can think clearly.

Carefully Consider Your Decision

Regardless of how upset you are, you must ask yourself if your decision makes sense. In my case, it really never made sense for me to lift a ladder with my hurt shoulder to try to climb through a window. Firstly, I was just making my pain worse. Secondly, I am too short to reach the window anyways. So, whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation ensure that you carefully consider your decisions.

Don’t Become Vindictive

When we are hurt by someone we tend to lash out in anger. All forms of sensibility leave our bodies and we do such vindictive things as slandering the person or causing him or her emotional or physical harm.  The funny thing is that sometimes the person isn’t even aware that what they did caused hurt. Instead of becoming vindictive, talk to the person about the problem. If talking doesn’t help, leave it to karma. The wrong that has been done will eventually come back to haunt him or her.


I know that there are several non-religious people reading this article. However, I can’t neglect the power of prayer.  Prayer has done a lot to change my life. A classic example is the way God redeemed me from a job I was struggling in. I would often come home exhausted and feeling worthless. I would get sick often and I believe I was suffering from depression. God saw my struggles and heard my prayers and he has provided me with a job that I believe I can flourish in. Prayer works.


When difficult situations arise don’t let them overwhelm you. Pause, count to three, take deep breaths, make rational decisions and pray. A solution is on the horizon.  

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