Walk on the street on any typical day and you will see someone tweeting, using Facebook or What’s App, or chatting on the phone while walking aimlessly. The phone has become an integral part of our lives. Smartphones can even arguable be considered one of the greatest inventions. However, the reality is that smartphones have become an addiction. How many of us can go for 2 minutes without checking our phones for a tweet or message? Since I have been on vacation and been at a home where there is no Wi-Fi I have truly come to realize how addicted I am to my phone. The first night I was here I thought I would go crazy because it was of no real use to me without Wi-Fi. This time away from my phone has truly caused me to reflect and come up with some tips for overcoming phone addiction.

Engage in Meaningful Activities

Sometimes we can get so absorbed in our phones that we forget to embrace the world around us. Lock your phone away in your bag or room for a few hours and spend some time with your friends or family. Either that or get involved in an activity that will keep you so engaged that you won’t have time to reach for your phone. Some of these activities include volunteering and paying sports. You may shock yourself when you see how well you can survive without your phone for an extended period of time.

Turn the Phone Face Down on the Bedside Table

I don’t know why this works but it has helped me to pay less attention to my phone. When the phone is face up it is easier to see when it lights up with s notification or message. This creates the instant reaction of reaching for the phone to check what popped up. When the phone is turned face down you won’t see the screen light up. It’s even better if you have it on “vibrate” or “silent’ because you may not hear the phone at all. This means that you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Check for Messages at Certain Times in the Day

In some jobs people are not allowed to use their phones while at work. However, if your job is more lenient with phone usage try to discipline yourself to check your messages only at certain times of the day. You could check them as soon as you get to work, during lunch, and half an hour before you leave work. On the weekends you could probably check the phone 5 times for the day instead of every second.


These tips are applicable to those who are true phone addicts. If you, however, are one of those people who doesn’t check his or her phone at all then that’s an entirely different story. Hopefully these tips can help you to put down the phone, be more productive, and enjoy life more.