There are so many people who have made an impact on your life. If you were to list them all their names would probably fill two to three pages. However, the more people you invite to your wedding is the more expensive it is going to be. So, how can you narrow down that guest list?

Start With Family

For some people, if they were to include family alone that would be well over 100 people. I would recommend that you limit the family you invite to those family members who you are closest to. Also ensure that you mention to them that you can only accommodate them bringing their spouse. No one else. Some people may be hurt that they were not invited but the reality is that you just can’t afford to have everyone there. Hopefully they will understand.

Choose Your Closest Friends

Reflect on the three main phases of your life: high school, university, and work. At each phase, which people have been your friends until now? These people who have been with you through almost everything in your life deserve an invitation to your wedding. If you really think about it, those true friends would be limited few. So, your guest list is already significantly reduced.

Remember the People Who Are Working

Aside from your guests, there will also be the DJ and his crew, your wedding planner and his or her team, your bridal party, and your officiating minister. Don’t forget to include these people on the list so that you can effectively calculate the total cost.


When you are working with a budget you have to be extremely selective about who you invite to your special day. Use these tips to help you to narrow down your guest list. Happy planning!