Strong Communication (Image Source)

Communication is an essential component of any relationship. Without it, conflicts arise that can result in something that is so beautiful becoming so grotesque. Communication requires more than being able to express your thoughts. Instead, it requires active listening, being able to remove blame, and thinking objectively instead of emotionally.

Active Listening

It can be very easy to say what you want to say. In fact, both of you maybe so eager to express your thoughts that you forget to listen to what is really being said. An article published on the blog outlines the following tips for effective and active listening:

  1. Face the speaker
  2. Maintain eye contact
  3. Minimize external and internal distractions
  4. Respond at appropriate intervals
  5. Focus on solely on what the speaker is saying instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next
  6. Keep an open mind
  7. Avoid offering advice unless asked
  8. Give the speaker time to finish even if they are launching a verbal attack on you
  9. Clarify by asking questions

So, the next time you are having a conversation with your partner, incorporate the aforementioned tips and see if you are better able to communicate.

Use “I” Statements

Regardless of how upset you are, it can be very difficult for someone to accept your point if you are accusing him or her. Instead of beginning your conversation with accusatory statements, use “I” statements to express how you feel. For instance, if you feel like your partner doesn’t do enough around the house don’t say “You are so lazy. Can’t you do anything to help me?”Instead say something like “John, I feel over worked and I am very tired when I get home from work in the evenings. I know that you are also tired, but can you help me to wash up the dishes and straighten the furniture in the evenings?” You would be surprised by how easily your partner responds.

Think Objectively

Women especially are very emotional beings. Sometimes our thinking defies logic and can drive our partner’s crazy. It is, therefore, important for us to make a conscious effort to think objectively about what our partner is saying instead of taking it personally. Also, if you think you are misunderstanding what is being said, clarify by asking questions. For instance, if a woman is out with her man and sees him giving a casual glance at another woman, she is going to react emotionally. However, if she considers the fact that he was not blatantly staring at the woman and wasn’t even flirting with her then she will agree that there is no need to blow what he did out of proportion.


A strong relationship is grounded in love, commitment, and effective communication. Use these tips to help you improve communication in your relationship.