llklk I am going to tell you the truth- my grandma and I had a love/hate relationship. It frustrated me so much that she would not take care of herself so that she could ease some of the burden off my mom. However, I always loved her. Although I am only realizing this now, I looked forward to seeing her when I came home and hearing her tell me what's for dinner and breakfast the next morning which is something she ALWAYS did since I began my new job. My grandma is the only person who has truly taught me selfless love. Pure, selfless love. Grandma thought nothing of herself and always put herself last. All that mattered to her was her children and her grand children.

My mom is a mad woman sometimes and often decides that she is going to stay in Kingston or Montego Bay till quality hours for some meeting or work related business. I always knew that mommy would be ok regardless of the time she came home so I always went to bed when I felt tired. My grandma would NEVER go to sleep until she heard mom drive into the garage- NEVER. She had to know that her daughter got home safely.

Grandma was THE BEST baker. For some reason, she recently had this obsession with making grater cake which is something I love. I only love grandma's grater cakes though...I will never buy grater cakes on the road or in the supermarkets. So, one day I had decided to get some coconuts from a friend and have her make some because I was really craving them and she hadn't made them in months. From then, it was like she was making grater cakes every week! It distressed me because I know I shouldn't be eating them but I love them so much that I can't resist. That was exactly why grandma made them- she knew that I love them and was determined to try to make me happy.

I wish I had experienced more of the fun side of grandma for the years I had known her. She really could get crazy and silly sometimes. Years ago, my aunt and cousin had bought her a singing fish for Christmas when she had gone to Tampa to visit them. When she came back home with it, oh Lord she couldn't stop playing and dancing to it. It was hilarious!!! Grandma was also very mischievous and she would make some comments that could make you either laugh or just shake your head.

There is so much more I can say but my heart hurts too much. Grandma, I will always miss you, but I am glad that you have finally gotten relief from your suffering. You will always be in my heart and I am going to make sure that I make you proud. Rest in perfect peace my angel. I love you.