Image You expect him to be love you and only you. You give him your heart and your all and there's nothing in this world that you wouldn't do for him. So why does he have another woman in his life? Many women intuitively know when their man is cheating. Probably they smell the perfume on his clothes or hear him having hushed intimate conversations on his phone. However, whatever the signs are, the real question is how do you deal with them when you know he is the man you love?

Confront Him

It doesn't make sense avoiding the issue. If you suspect that something isn't right then ask him to be honest about it. If he loves you, he will be honest. Some men will lie and say that nothing is going on and,if that is the case, confront his friends. One of them is bound to tell you what's really going on when you aren't around.

Find Out the Reason

Aside from not being able to be satisfied with what he has, a man may have other reasons for looking to another woman. Talk to him about it and if there is anything you can work on then make an effort to do so. When you are married and have children to think about especially, it is important for you to try to make the relationship work. The hard times should make the relationship stronger. However, when you discuss the reasons with him, you both should be able to come to an understanding that if it happens again you will leave since it is evident he wouldn't have been making an effort to make your relationship work.

Remove Him

Some people are just not worth having in your life regardless of how much you love them. If it is really evident that he is cheating just to fulfill his selfish sexual desires then it is time for you to go because it is bound to happen again. It is hard to walk away but doing so will protect you from a world of hurt further down the road.

Both men and women are attracted to what looks and seems good to them so even when they are in relationships, they have wandering eyes. However, when either party decides to act on that attraction a problem develops. Learn to make these attractions just a fleeting glance instead of a "one night stand" or long term affair for the sake of your relationship. Also, if you suspect your man is cheating, discuss the issue with him and then make a decision about whether or not he is still worth having in your life.