The raindrops falling on the window panes remind me so much of the sadness I feel inside. I have loved so deeply and completely and have been hurt in different ways more than once. These experiences have led me to wonder if I will ever find the love I desire. How many of you find yourselves in similar situations? There is no way to avoid getting hurt and all of our experiences help to make us stronger, but what can we really do that will help us to find the love we desire?

Appreciate Being Alone

Being single is a blessing because it helps you to discover more about yourself. The more you understand and love yourself is the more capable you are of creating a valuable relationship with someone. Spend more time with your friends and become involved in activities that will help you discover your interests. Take risks and learn to enjoy life instead of wallowing in self-pity when you see couples who are madly in love.

Know Your Worth

When you know what you stand for and what you deserve, no one can take you for granted and treat you less than you deserve to be treated. Value your body, your time, your money, and your spirituality. As Margret Hatcher once said, "Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the high road to pride, self-esteem, and personal satisfaction".

Find Comfort and Support from the Right Person

I have one friend who always comes to my mind first when I feel down and want someone to cheer me up. The problem is that he loves me and I love him but we aren't willing to commit to each other which makes the friendship more complicated. He always finds a way to comfort me but he also always finds a way to break my heart. This highlights the importance of finding the right support system which is oftentimes better when the person is the same gender as you.

Don't Give Up

I believe that love is out there for everyone, waiting to be found. Though I feel like giving up many times and resorting to living a life alone, I know that that is not God's plan for me. Don't give up...the right man or woman will come along one day.

We can all find true love but while we're searching we can also do things that will guard our hearts. Also, don't let your past experiences prevent you from moving forward into what could be the best relationship of your life. Use your past to inform and strengthen your present and future.