Image Goethe once said, "Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." Kerry’s life has been focused on making her dreams reality. She is a thirty-three year old fashion merchandiser, an entreprenuer, a magazine editor, and a woman who is determined to inspire others. I caught up with her recently and found out how this busy woman has been making a positive impact.

Would you say that fashion is your passion?

Since I was a little girl with big dreams of being a fashion designer, the love of fashion never left me.  Not sure exactly why, but with the risk of sounding cliché, I believe that some people are just born to do certain things...I was destined to make my niche somehow, some way in the fashion industry.

If you were to be a famous world leader, which leader would you be and why?

Lol! Well she's not necessarily a world leader, but she's married to one.  I admire my First Lady, Michelle Obama.  She's an intelligent, strong black woman who has been able to sit behind her husband (with all of her credentials) and let him lead and be great while holding her family down and managing the stress of everything that comes their way, as well as tour the country and inspire young people to eat healthily and be physically fit.  I just think she's awesome!!

Do you believe that the work you do inspires young women?

Absolutely! As women, we're known to knock each other down and we have to build each other up. With the work I do, younger women see we're here to help them, we love them, we want to see them strive to be the best they can be.  Love yourself and no one can knock you down!

What are the activities that you are engaged in that inspire women?

Dress Me Beautiful- a movement I started to instill the importance of loving yourself.  I also facilitate workshops for the annual youth summit held by Empower ME GNEP which also help to instill the importance of loving yourself. It's important to give back and help empower young people to walk the right path. When I was younger I didn't have access to these kind of workshops and in the world that we live in it's so important for the youth to understand that they’re important, their life matters, and it's ok to appreciate and love themselves.

What inspired you to start Dress Me Beautiful?

As a young girl I had low self-esteem and as I grew older and started appreciating and loving me I felt it was important to help young girls love themselves as well. It evolved from being an article submission of my testimony on how I didn’t appreciate myself to a movement of workshops, self-empowerment bracelets and an online magazine coming up soon.

Your work doesn’t stop at inspiring women. You’re also involved in breast cancer awareness. Tell us some more about this.

My Shop, Sip, & De-Stress for Breast Cancer Awareness event started at a small accessories boutique in Spanish Harlem and four years later I've had it in multiple cities, with plenty of local designers and entrepreneurs selling their original pieces in clothing, jewelry, and beauty products so that I can showcase hidden talent as well as raise funds for breast cancer research.  I've raised an estimate of $3,000 from the previous three years.  I anticipate that this year's event to be even more amazing! It will be held Oct. 25th in New York City.

What advice would you give to those reading this blog to inspire them to follow their dreams?

Stay on your path, keep focused on what YOU truly want.  Flush out the negative people and naysayers in your life that can divert you from your journey.  No one truly knows what you want but you.  When you have big dreams, not everyone will understand so be careful who you share your dreams with, a lot of people won't understand and will distract you from living or working towards your dream because of their fear.  Be Fearless! Never take no for the final say and DO NOT GIVE UP!  Hard work, faith, dedication, persistence, and patience will get you to where you want to be and remember it all happens in God's time, not necessarily your time, but it will happen.  You just have to believe it and continue to work towards it.

What advice would you give to the people reading this blog about relationships?

Follow your heart, but follow your intuition.  Make sure the person you're involved with loves you and treats you the way you KNOW you should be treated.  They should love you for who you are.  Never change to try and be someone you think they want you to be.  The person you're with should mirror who you are.  Their heart should match your heart. They should make you happy and strive to keep you happy as well as push you and motivate you in whatever you want to do in life.  Don't hang on if you know it's not right for you because that only blocks you from the person you should be with. Most importantly, don't be afraid of being alone!  A common mistake people make is being in a relationship because of their fear of being alone and finding themselves in a place where they shouldn't be.  Spend your time alone to know who you truly are so when the time comes for you to be in that right relationship, you're secure within yourself to be able to love whole heartedly.  You can only truly love someone when you truly love yourself.