There is a famous quote that says "Real friends don't have to speak to each other daily to remain in each other's hearts always". Although this is true, I find that through the changes in life I have grown apart from my real friends. This is a reality that saddens me. What is life without friends? One of the questions I have been battling with recently is "How do I remain close to my friends?" This question has led me to come up with the following tips that I believe can help real friends remain close.

Accept Each Other

I find that my friends don't accept me for who I am sometimes. Either that or they truly don't understand who I am. As the years progress, we grow as individuals and, as a result, our world view changes. Maturity and life experiences mold us into the people we become. Friends should be able to take that journey with you and not criticize you or make you feel like an outcast because your perspective on life has changed.

Keep In Touch

I am a reclusive person and there are times when I really want to be in my own space without any interaction with people. However, there are some days when I just need someone to call and chat with me about any and everything. No serious conversations but just trivial things that make us both laugh and feel good about life. Very rarely do some of my friends do that and I hate to always be the one to make contact. There are two friends I have who really make the effort and I love them for that but I believe that all real friends should keep in touch with each other.

Influence Each Other to Become Better People

Real friends are able to take each other out of their comfort zones and give each other words of insight and worthwhile experiences that will help each other grow. There is a friend I have who has shown me an entirely different perspective on life and by doing so, he has made me more open to people and situations. A real friend knows when to look beyond a negative response you give to something that will benefit you and influence you to do it. I'm not saying that if your friend is telling you that weed is good for you that you should go ahead and smoke it. What I am saying is that if your friend wants to take you out to a social and you respond by saying you're not in the mood when you really know that you just don't think you'll be comfortable, then your friend should be able to see beyond your negative response and help you to understand that the social interaction will be good for you.

Keep true to your real friends and really make an effort to understand them. Help them to feel loved and appreciated so that your friendship lasts a lifetime.