Today, as I was walking in Mandeville after work dealing with some business, I met upon some of the students I used to teach and some who used to be in my form class. It's amazing how the smiles on their faces and their jovial nature touched my heart and made me begin to believe that I may have really touched some lives. So many people in this world are seeking selfish ambitions that leave no room for blessing the lives of others. However, living in a way that causes you to make a difference in someone else's life is one of the primary reasons for our existence. The question that I sometimes ask myself can I make a greater difference in this world?

Use Your Career to Help Others

There are some professions that are clearly service oriented such as teaching and careers in the security and medical fields. So, how can a banker or an auditor or a graphic designer use their careers to make a meaningful impact in people's lives? There are so many organisations that are working with children in volatile communities that need help and these trained professionals can provide well needed insight and volunteered time to making these initiatives a success. The banker can teach people to manage money well and the graphic designer can use his or her skills to design material that will benefit the children. This is one of many examples but if you are someone who is truly willing to make a difference in this world, align yourself with either a non-profit or a church based organisaton that is already making a meaningful impact in your community.

Pour Positives Into Others

Sometimes, all someone needs is a smile or an encouraging word. Learn to provide these positives for people in your life instead of automatically thinking of negative things to do and say. Gossiping and slandering others can be very hurtful and can only lead to the same things happening to you eventually. Do what you would want to have others do to you.

Remember to Take Some Time For Yourself

Some people devote all of their time and energy to serving others to the point where they eventually burn out. Replenishing your mental and physical energy is critical in helping you to really contribute 100% to others. There is nothing wrong with taking some time for you and finding your happiness but don't let it get to the point where you believe the world revolves around you.

Be Faithful In the Small Things

The parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:14-30 is one that I believe we often overlook. This parable speaks about a rich man who went away for awhile and left varying sums of money with three of his workers. He gave one five bags of gold, the other two bags, and the other one bag each according to what he was able to manage. Each of the men doubled the amount of money he received with the exception of the servant who received one bag. this servant buried the money and did nothing with it. When the master returned he greatly rewarded the servants who invested his money while he told the servant who didn't to give the money to the servant who had received five bags.

When someone entrust you with a small task don't take it lightly. You may never know how being a blessing to someone can result in an abundance of blessings being returned to you. Regardless of whether it is small or great, you can always make an impact.

Living an impactful life is something I am striving to do because I believe that my life should have meaning. Don't go through the motions in life. Make a difference in someones life today.