Have you ever gone to a job interview at a company that you have ALWAYS admired and wanted to work for, thought that the interview went well, then you never hear from the company again? It can be a really heartbreaking experience but you have to know what you should do to get more than your foot in the door. Experience teaches wisdom Regardless of what people say, experience trumps everything else. Imagine how impactful you can be when you are young, have the right personality for the job, and you have experience to back it. You become almost unstoppable. A company has to invest more time and money to train inexperienced employees and in this economic crisis most companies are trying to avoid doing that. Even if the experience is small, it really does help.

Go into the interview with the right attitude Your attitude begins with the way you dress and physically present yourself. In the first 5 seconds of meeting you, people make judgements about you based on your appearance. Females, wear something that you are COMFORTABLE in not the tight pants and skirts that make you feel self conscious or a pair of heels you can hardly walk in. Heels allude to the confidence of a woman I believe but you have to wear heels that are comfortable, not just because they look good. Also, don't wear sleeveless tops or dresses (if you do, wear a jacket to cover your arms). Being able to see your armpits isn't necessarily attractive.

Men, looking casual and laid back is NOT the way to go. A nice pair of black pants, nice shoes, a button down shirt, and a tie make you look professional and serious about the job.

The next thing an interviewer looks at is the way you speak and comprehend questions. You may be nervous but try to avoid using clutch words such as ahm and well. If you are unsure of a question, ask for clarification. If you need a few seconds to answer, begin your response by restating the question in your own words. Be confident in your approach but not to the point of being arrogant. Maintain eye contact with all of the interviewers in the room and never forget to smile. People like a personality that they can warm up to and they believe can fit well in their company.

Becareful of the very nice interviewer My mom used to work in human resources and she says that she was always the nicest interviewer. She would make the interviewee feel comfortable and relaxed so that she can get a feel of who they are. This approach means that she will be more critical of the interviewee, and though you may believe the interview went really well, she already knew you weren't right for the job by the middle of the interview process. This just goes to show that you should never be too confident about an interview. When you are too confident you are bound to end up with heartbreak.

Don't rely too heavily on prayer This may seem like a very unorthodox suggestion. Of course you should pray and have faith but also bear in mind that there will be 10 to 20 people praying for the exact same job. God decides who gets the job so you just have to leave it in His hands. If it's meant to be yours then it will be yours. If it isn't you just have to learn to move on.

Keep your options open Although this may be the place at which you have always wanted to work, bear in mind that several other people have also been interviewed for the same position. As a result, it is wise for you to cast your net in other seas to increase your chances of getting hired. Having a job is the most important thing. When you have a job, you can manage your resources so that you can get the right training to work in the industry you are interested in.

I am anxiously awaiting the results of an interview that I did at a company I really want to work for. It has been hard for me to follow these steps but I am learning to just leave everything in God's hands. What is to be must be.