So, you've been together for awhile and you know that you have a really good woman. You want to hold on to her but you can sense that she's slipping away. What can you do to keep your woman? Don't become complacent Men have this habit of becoming very laid back and confident in a relationship. It's an attitude of "I have the girl so I don't need to try anymore." This is a misconception. In the same way that you want your woman to give her all to you, you should do the same for her. Most men go out of their way to attract a woman they are really interested in. They treat her like a queen and romance her with their words and actions (open the car door for her and all those nice things). What happens to all of that when the relationship is solid? She doesn't deserve to be treated like a queen anymore?

Be faithful We know that a man's eye wanders sometimes (so do our eyes believe it or not) but learn to control yourself. If she is the girl you are with then invest your time, energy and attention in her and her alone. Yes, there may be many fish in the sea but she is the only one for you.

What I find most disrespectful is when a man begins flirting with other women right in front of his girl. Whether it's face to face flirting or on the phone with a female friend it does make a woman wonder if you really are serious about the relationship.

Listen to her Don't pretend to listen. Don't brush off her comments. Take the time and listen to her. When a woman is really comfortable with her man she will want to share her heart with him. If she allows you into her heart don't take advantage of that because once she locks it away you will almost always never be able to reopen it. I understand that she shouldn't be trying to get your attention when you're watching your favourite game or having some man time with your friends. Once she knows and understands that she won't bother you unless it's something very important or you are making it too much of a habit. Learn to listen to her needs too.

Make her feel important to you She is your woman after all. Make it known that she is your woman. I don't mean that you should be possessive because that is a very bad extreme. However, your friends and family should know that you are proud to have her as your girlfriend. Also, making an effort to spend time with her makes her feel like you care. Take her out to places that you both enjoy. The time you spend with her will be beneficial to the healthy growth of your relationship.

Know her intentions It doesn't make sense putting all your effort into making a relationship work if her intention is to use you for money or some other reason. In the same way that your intentions should be pure, hers should be as well. When people are in relationships for the wrong reasons they always break up at some point....some of them have already made the serious commitment of marriage.

Put the ring on her finger If you've been together for awhile and you are both at a stage in your lives where you are ready for marriage then PUT THE RING ON HER FINGER. Some men have real commitment issues and are afraid of marriage. If she senses that then no matter how much she loves you, she is going to end the relationship. If you know she is right for you then do the right thing and stop tarrying. She wants to know that your commitment is real and the ultimate way of expressing that as two people who really love each other is through marriage.

Once a woman's heart is in the right place and she really loves you, I guarantee that these steps will work in helping you to keep her for the long term.