How do we really trust God when we have so many issues trusting some of the people in our own lives? When life is taking a completely different course from what we want or expect, how do we trust that God has our best interests at heart? When we are jobless or stuck in a career that we desperately want to get out of, how do we trust that God will provide? Trusting God has been something that I have really struggled with over the past few years. When I was younger I had no issue trusting that God would work things out but I think that as I got older and began to view the world differently ( and also saw my life taking unexpected turns) I began to doubt. There is a journal that one of my students gave me for Teachers Day that has the infamous Jeremiah 29:11 passage on it. It says "For I know the plans I have for you,' says the Lord,'plans to prosper and not to harm you, to give you HOPEand a FUTURE." This is my favourite passage of Scripture because God said those words to Jeremiah in a period in his life where he felt lost and hopeless. I feel the same way but every time I say that passage I am reminded of the fact that God has not forgotten me and that whatever He allows to happen in my life will help me to prosper as long ad I am faithful to Him.

Another passage that has helped me when I have really started to doubt God is Psalm 139:13. It says "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together on my mother's womb." Have you ever watched someone knit? It is a tedious task that takes hours of dedication and detailed work. When the creator of a knitted garment is finished then he or she is filled with a sense of pride because of what has been created and then allows that knitted garment to be used in a useful way by another individual. If God could spend so much time to make me, then I must have some worth and value and He must want what's best for me in order for me to make Him proud. He will also guide me to do things that will benefit others and help me to serve my purpose.

So, whenever you feel doubtful about what God is doing in your life, just remember those two verses. God took the time to create you so you have to trust that He is doing what is best for you to help you to make your impact in the world.