Image Being a parent is a serious responsibility and it is a responsibility that far too many women and men take on too early in life. We see the evidence of children who are raised in homes without proper parental guidance on our streets and in our prisons. I have always firmly believed that a woman should not have a child until she is married. When a child is born in marriage, he or she will grow up with both parents and hopefully both parents will be able to provide him or her with the guidance needed to succeed in life.

How does a married couple really know it is the right time to have children? The following are some criteria that I think should be met before the decision is made:

DO NOT Have A Child In the First Two Years of Marriage

As soon as a child enters the picture the dynamics of a relationship changes. Your thoughts and actions are focused on what is best for your child. I believe that a couple needs to enjoy the bliss of young love and strengthen their relationship as husband and wife before taking on the added responsibility of children.

If You Are Not Stable Financial Now Is Not The Time To Have Children

From the day they are born, children cost a lot of money. The hospital fees, clothing, diapers, school fees, food and so on can drive any parents crazy. The situation is even worse when you are already trying to make ends meet. Plan properly before you have a child. Wait until you get that promotion or that raise or that job that you have been searching for that will put a few more dollars in your pocket.

Wait Until You Are Mature Enough

There are so many mothers out there who are children themselves. A child needs guidance and parents who are not afraid to provide the correct guidance regardless of how the child may react. Maturity has more to do with state of mind than age but having a child too young does make me wonder if the parents are really ready for parenthood.

With the way the world works now, many people do not get married before they have children. However, if you are thinking of having a child at least ensure that you are in the correct frame of mind to handle the vast number of responsibilities a child brings and also that you are secure financially. If more parents took their roles seriously I believe this world would be a much better place.