It is often said that you should love a man for who he is and not how much he earns. Although this is true, when choosing a lifelong partner it is important to be aware of how much he earns each month. Let's be practical. When all of the bills appear and there is rent to be paid what money are you and your family going to be left with if you as the woman have to foot all of the bills? Also, in the future you may want to purchase a nice house. How can you make the mortgage payments if your man can barely afford to make it to work each day? I am by no means saying that he has to be rich and have money flowing out of his pockets. Not at all. However, he should at least earn more than you do so that you both can share the expenses of the house and not be left completely broke thereafter. Sometimes love just isn't enough and we have to be practical about how we approach life in this state of economic crisis.

There is a flip side to this however. What about the men who are doing things to advance themselves so that they can earn more money? They may not be earning anything now or may even still be in school. What happens if you fall in love with that type of man? If you see your man making an effort to get somewhere in life, and what he is doing is guaranteed to take him further (not just some wayward degree that he is spending a lot of money on which will take him nowhere in his career), then I believe that you should encourage and support him. You may be the one who has to foot the bills for a few years and you both may be broke as hell but in the end you know that it will be worth it.

Then there is the issue of children. Children are the most expensive beings on this earth. i will talk about family planning in another post but I believe that as soon as a child is born the parents should begin saving for his or her tertiary education. How can a couple do this and take care of the basic needs of the child if the man is earning far less than the woman?

I am not encouraging you to be a gold digger. Remember that I have spoken about the need for a woman to have an education and earn her own income? You shouldn't be a leech on a man but you both should be able to contribute to the expenses of the household without being broke afterwards.