When searching for the right partner it is so important to have patience. Sometimes, we allow loneliness to force us into relationships that leave us devastated emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically. I have spoken about understanding timing and how I have come to understand the timing and lessons learnt for specific events in my life. However, in this post I want to focus on patience in a different sense. I want to focus on the patience that a woman needs to exert in order to embrace being courted by a man. In our society, courtship of a woman by a man has almost become a thing of the past. More often than not when a woman sees a man she desires she ends up being the one to court the man in order to get his attention. However, courtship is crucial for the health of a relationship for the following reasons:

It Enables a Man to Prove His Intentions

When a man is interested in a woman he would do almost anything to get her attention but quite a few women give in to a man's initial advances and provide him the "cookie" that he has been so eagerly seeking. Give a man time to prove his worth and what he is really after before you give your heart to him. Allow him to treat you like the queen you are and prove to you that regardless of the many other attractive women there are in the world, you really are the only one he wants in his life. Let him romance you...take you out on dates, call you to chat and whatever else you believe he should do to win your love. I think that 3 months is a good length of time to give a man to show his true intentions. If he isn't worth it then he will give up at least within the first month.

It Allows You to Get to Know Him on An Intellectually Intimate Level

The late night chats and romantic dinners may seem like a facade initially but after at least 6 weeks, men usually begin to show you who they really are. Allow yourself to get to know him beyond the surface and look closely at his dreams and values. if they don't measure up to what you stand for then he isn't worth it regardless of how sexy and irresistible he is.

It Helps You to Feel Good About Yourself

Let's be honest. Women love to know that they are attractive to men. When you give a man time to really pursue you and validate his love for you he is able to make you feel your intellectual, physical and emotional value. Nothing is wrong with a healthy self esteem boost.

All in all, I believe it is important to give a man time to pursue you. Be patient. You may fall in love with him by the second week because of his irresistible charm but you will be giving in too quickly. Love takes time.