In this fast paced world that we live in everything is about the urgency of the here and now. Our food needs to be fast, our cars need to be even faster and if anything takes too long we get upset. Sometimes if we just sit back and WAIT we would realise that better things are out there or we could avoid getting ourselves into negative situations. My life thusfar has been all about that "things need to happen now" mentality. It's therefore no surprise that I feel like much of my life has been a disappointment. However, upon reflection I realise that everything that has happened to me thusfar has really been about the right and the wrong times for certain things.

When I became Deputy Hall Chairperson for Rex Nettleford Hall I believe that God was telling me that it was my time to learn more about who he wants me to be as a person. Yes, many of my weaknesses were evident throughout my tenure but one thing I took from it is the need for me to grow stronger as a person and embrace new experiences more willingly. Most importantly, I learnt the immense importance of allowing God to direct every facet of my life and to fully commit all my plans to Him. If I had done that so many things would have been different. That year of my life was my TIME to learn these valuable lessons.

Regarding relationships, I believe the timing was right for me and my ex to have gotten together. Why? There were so many things that I learnt by being with him that I would not have learnt from anyone else. I learnt how important it is to develop my own circle of friends and to not rely on my partner to be there all the time. I learnt the importance of being more open to life and having confidence in myself just by observing his interactions and the many opportunities that came along his path just because of the type of person he is. I learnt how to truly and deeply care for important lesson that I know will make any future relationship I have an excellent one.

In this season of my life where I realise that someone I liked long ago is probably the one I've needed all along, I have begun to realise that maybe my time with him has passed. Or maybe it just is that now isn't the time for me to be with him....only God knows. All I know is that I'm going to slow down the pace of my world and rely on the RIGHT timing....God's timing.

As  I pray and hope that a recent job prospect that was presented to me works out, I once again know that I need to appreciate the value of timing. If it just isn't my time to be in that space then it just isn't my time.  No need to get depressed or worried. it's just time for me to find out what is needed for this particular time in my life.

By sharing this, I hope you are able to reflect on your own life and determine whether the timing is right for you to take certain actions. Slow down your world so that you don't miss any opportunities. Embrace the RIGHT timing.