3347884_kopia Although the characteristics that a woman looks for in a man she wants to be her husband differ for each individual, there are some fundamental things I believe every ambitious woman wants to see in her man. I hope every man reading this will take notes.

Ambition and Focus

You may not have all that you want now but you should at least be putting plans in place to get there. Some men are just all talk and no action. Others are all over the place...not really certain what they want to accomplish with their lives. When a woman sees that a man is going places she will be willing to be there to support and encourage him along the way regardless of how rough the journey may be.


A woman wants her partner to be someone she can be herself with. She doesn't want her man to make her feel like something is wrong with her and with her values. If the two of you aren't compatible then you just aren't compatible...let her go before things get too serious and it becomes hard for HER to let you go.

Comfort further extends to being able to share her deepest thoughts and emotions with her partner. If she feels like you aren't interested or you aren't listening to her then she WILL find someone who will listen which could spell trouble for your relationship.

Him Haffi Look Dappa

Don't get me wrong, he doesn't have to be the sexiest man alive but when a man looks good it makes his woman feel great walking beside him. Some men just throw themselves together and give no thought and time to preparing to go out with their women. The clothes don't have to be expensive and you don't have to wear expensive cologne but at least make an effort to look decent...you expect her to do the same for you right?


Women are easily swoon by charm. However, many "hubbies" turn the charm off when they know they have the girl. I've never understood fully why because if you have the girl you should do everything in your power to keep her right? Keep the romance alive in the relationship and she'll be yours for life.

Relationship with the Creator

For non-Christians this isn't really important but for Christian women it is a MUST (whether she realises it or not). The man is the head of the household not only in financial matters but also in spiritual matters. There is this quote that says "A woman should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him in order to find her". This is SOOO very crucial when building a relationship with someone you hope will be your lifelong partner.

These, I believe, are the key elements that ambitious women look for in men who they want to be their lifelong partners. Become this man and I guarantee the right girl wil come along.