Content marketing creates an unbeatable brand.


Content marketing is more than just throwing words together hoping to pique interest. It is an art form that showcases the delicate balance between words and imagery. Statistics show that content marketing "costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates 3 times as many leads."  Why not use a strategy that boosts your ROI and helps you meaningfully engage with your customers?

My content marketing journey began in 2013 with a series of articles for It was then that I discovered my passion for writing. Although I hold a BSc in Mathematics with Education and have been teaching for over 4 years, writing has given me a voice I never knew I had. Once the fire of my passion was lit, nothing could hold me back. I began my blog "Christine Speaks" in 2013 and have used it to convey my thoughts, feelings, and ideas freely. Since then, I have written over 100 articles for various clients, website content for over 20 websites, and 2 e-books. My work has primarily been done through UpWork and you can view my profile here.

The beautiful island of Jamaica is my home.  I attempt to portray the vibrancy of my culture through each piece I write. Creating beautifully crafted words that showcase businesses, ideas, and individuals is what I do best. My mission is to become a business communications professional and content marketing expert. Clients have described my work as "superb" and my service as "outstanding". My commitment to you is the creation of stellar content and effective social media management. Getting quality content writing services has never been easier.